Mother's Night To Remember: Part 6

by Susan (USA)

After our talk Nicole went to her room to do some homework. Probably a smart idea since it's likely going to be a late night. Tomorrow is Monday and a school day but we're not going to worry about it this time.

Tonight is a very special night for Nicole. She needs to feel sexy and desirable. She needs to be sexually satisfied. She needs to feel the warmth of sperm spreading within her body. Tonight with Randy those desires will surely be satisfied in a very big way.

(Pun intended) I changed my clothes and did some cleaning around the house. Not that it needed it that bad but it kept me busy and a house can never be to clean and picked up.

Although I realized the boys wouldn't likely be paying much attention to the house. They are going to have their minds on one thing, getting their cocks inside two attractive women.

And that's just fine with me. After getting the cleaning done and watching TV for awhile I went upstairs to check on Nicole. She had apparently finished her homework and was sound asleep on her bed. I paused for a moment and watched her sleep like I've done hundreds of times over the years. There's nothing more satisfying than watching while you're child is sleeping. So peaceful and content. I love her so much. She's has grown up so fast.

Then I snapped back to the reality of the moment and thought about what she would be experiencing in a couple hours. Even though she has already had a sexual relationship with Steven, tonight is going to take her to the next level. She's going to have sex with Randy strictly because she's very attracted to him and just wants to feel him climax inside her pussy.

Something like a one-night-stand except I'm sure she will be having sex with Randy numerous times in the near future. But it has to remain strictly physical. She is going to make some memories tonight. I think we all will. The guys are going to be here in a little over an hour so I thought I'd better wake her up. She had also taken her dress off.

It was laying over the back of her desk chair along with her panty girdle and stay-up stockings. I took my robe off and slipped under the covers with her. She was wearing just panties and a bra.

"Sweetheart time to wake up." I kissed her on the forehead and gently shook her.

"You awake sweetie?"

"We need to run through the shower and get dressed for our big night." She opened her eyes and smiled at me.

Mom, she spoke with sleepy eyes, "Do you think Randy really wants to sleep with me?"

"Nicole why on earth would you ask that?"

"Well, did you ask him to sleep with me because you slept with Steven?"

"Oh my sweet baby NO I did not! I asked him if he had the chance to be with you would he screw you."

"What did he say mom?"

"Nicole, fact is he got so excited he about wrecked the car. He is very hard and horny for you sweetie!" Nicole smiled and gave me a nice hug. Then we kissed. And then we kissed again, this time Nicole forced her tongue into my mouth. That was a bit of a surprise but I went along with it and kissed her back with some passion.

Apparently Nicole is wanting to explore her lesbian side with me. I've had a couple lesbian encounters in college with my roommate and I enjoyed her soft touch and her skills pleasing my pussy. I felt very fortunate that my daughter felt comfortable with me. We kissed some more and our hands started to explore each other's bodies. I felt my pussy starting to get wet as our love making progressed.

Her body is so young and perfect. Nicole took my hand and put it against her damp panty gusset. I look into her eyes and asked "honey what do you want me to do?"

She whispered looking down like she was ashamed. "Would you lick me here?" She pressed my hand even tighter against her hot wet pussy.

"Honey did you forget that were going to have a couple horny studs knocking on our door in less than an hour?"

"Mom please just for a minute." She pleaded. Ok sweetie but just till you cum.

She kicked the covers to the floor and I removed her wet panties. God her body is beautiful. She lifted her legs slightly and I started to lick her sweet wet pussy. In only about ten seconds of licking and sucking on her clit she had the most beautiful orgasm. Her body stiffened and her head went back. She grabbed the sheets and pulled them partly off the bed as her orgasm shook her.

When she recovered I looked up to her and said should we try for another? She couldn't even talk even though her mouth was partly open. She just nodded her head yes. This time it took about five minutes but her second orgasm was just as intense.

I climbed up on the bed next to her and whispered, "Nicole we have to get ready girl."

She just gazed at the ceiling and said "mom that was very nice. Can we do it again when Randy and Steven are here?"

Absolutely we can I replied.

End of Part 6

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