Mother's Night To Remember: Part 5

by Susan (USA)

When Randy and I reached the house I asked him to stay in the car and I'd go in and see if Nicole was ready. Actually that wasn't the only reason. I needed to call Steven. As I unlocked the front door and walked in I saw no sign of my daughter so I made the call. Steven answered on the first ring.

I quickly told him that I missed him, everything was cool with Nicole and I'd really needed to see him tonight about 7:00 o'clock. He didn't hesitate accepting my invite. I told him I'd find a girdle for him to try on if he still wanted to. He said he couldn't wait. I told him I missed him and I couldn't wait to see him in my bed again. He agreed and we said our goodbyes.

I purposely didn't tell him that Nicole and my boyfriend would be together tonight. I was afraid that it might make him uncomfortable and decide not to come over. Still no sign of Nicole so I headed upstairs to look for her.

"Nicole are you ready to go?" I called out.

"Yes Mom I'm ready" and down the stairs she came like only an eighteen year old would. She was carrying her high heels in her hand.

"Oh Nicole you look absolutely gorgeous." Thanks mom.

"Wow you really went all out sweetie. You look so hot!" Hair, makeup, and your nails are so cool. You have to show me how you do that. And your wearing your little black dress too. Randy is going to be so horny for you sweetheart.

"Mom, did you talk to him about him and me tonight?"

"Yes I did and he's all yours Nicole, and your going to have a great time. He's very hot for you."

"Thanks mom I just can't believe I'm going to get laid by Randy. I can't wait!!! Oh mom did you find out why he never tried to sleep with you before?"

"Yes I did and it's not really important. You'll find out later."

"Ok, glad everything is ok with Randy mom." I smiled to myself, she has no idea what is in-store for her later tonight.

"By the way Nicole, Steven is coming over tonight about the same time as Randy. I hope that's okay with you."

"That's perfectly fine mom. I'm sure your anxious to screw him again. I totally understand."

"Your a wonderful daughter Nicole. Let's go eat. Your date is waiting in the car sweetheart." We went out to the car and joined Randy. I told Nicole to sit in front with her new "friend".

"Nicole, I have to say you look fantastic." remarked Randy.

"Thanks, your so sweet." Nicole replied blushing. Not much more was said on the way to the restaurant. Randy just kept looking over at Nicole occasionally. I thought more than likely he's wondering what his sexual adventure would be like with such a young sexy goddess. Then there's the question if he'll even be able to fit his large cock inside Nicole.

She's just a little thing.I hope she doesn't panic when she finally sees it. I really want this to be a very special day for her. We arrived at the restaurant and were seated in a rather private booth. Nicole and Randy sat next to one another. I sat across the table from them. This is going well, I thought. They are behaving like any couple on a first date. Nicole kept looking at me with a "this is really going to happen look on her face." She was most definitely thrilled.

After we ordered I excused myself to use the restroom. I took my time giving them a chance to be alone and relax. I was even able to go outside for about ten minutes without them seeing me. When I returned to our table I was very surprised to see Randy had his hand on Nicole's leg at the hem of her short dress and they were kissing passionately.

Looks like they are both really hot and horny for each other. I felt a little jealous seeing them getting physical. But I knew I had to control my emotions. Today was all about Nicole having the sexual experience of her dreams. I wasn't going to interfere. Especially after what I had done last night with her boyfriend. When I sat down they finished their kiss but Randy kept his hand on Nicole's nylon covered thigh.

As we sat waiting for our order Nicole did a little squirm at times telling me that Randy's hand most likely had moved a little higher. When our food came Nicole brushed Randy's hand away and tugged her dress down. We ate our delicious meal without any further incidences and headed for home. On the way Nicole took Randy's hand and placed it on her leg over her dress. She held it there with her hand over the top of his.

I heard her ask, " So you like it?"

He replied with a smile, "Yes very much."

She smiled back.

We eventually made it home and pulled in the driveway. I got out as soon as the car stopped .

"See you later Randy, thanks for lunch." I said.

"Your welcome Susan."

And I headed for the house. Nicole stayed in the car for a few minutes then she also came in.

"Well Nicole I'd say from what I saw things went very well."

"OMG mom yes very very well. He is so fricking hot. I can't believe you haven't had sex with him yet mom."

"Actually I can't believe it either, but maybe it was meant to be sweetie. Now you'll have the pleasure of having him first."

First? So mom you're still going to have sex with Randy then?

"Well I hope so sweetheart. He's still my boyfriend just the same as Steven is still your boyfriend if you want him. Nicole we're going to share. Just for the sexual pleasures of being with another man. Are you okay with that honey?"

"Well yes mom. I guess I was just getting a little possessive. I'm sorry."

"No need to be sorry but there is something that we should talk about sweetheart." What mom?

"Earlier today you mentioned having a threesome. Are you sure you're comfortable having sex in front of me?"

"Yes mom that's not a problem. And I don't think we should just watch and feel left out. I think we should all be involved together."

"Ok Nicole, I'm glad you feel that way. I feel the same."

"Mom I just can't get over that I'm going to be having sex with a gorgeous man like Randy. It's going to be so awesome."

I thought to myself, babe..... you have NO idea what you're in for.

I caught myself wishing it was me getting bred by that big dick in a few hours.

End of Part 5

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