Mother's Night To Remember: Part 4

by Susan (USA)

"First I want you to know that I'm very sorry honey. You know I'd never do anything to hurt you but I just got caught up in the moment and lost my head. Also I want you to know that Steven pursued me last night. After I feel asleep on the couch he opened my robe and was feeling of my girdle as I woke up. Nicole did you know Steven has a girdle fetish?"

"Oh really! Why do you think I started wearing a girdle Mom. Did you really think I needed to wear one?!!" Of course not sweetheart you have a perfect body. Why didn't you just tell him to stop Mother?"

"Well believe me that was my first thought but I didn't for two reasons. First, I realized that any boy that would seduce his girlfriend's mother is not someone that I want my daughter to have a serious relationship with. Second, and I admit this is very selfish, but Nicole, it's been almost two years since I've been intimate with a man. Steven is very handsome and a stud as you know. I just couldn't resist his advances and the chance of enjoying what I assumed would be amazing sex with him. I'm sorry. Can you possibly understand what I'm trying to say?"

"But Mom I really enjoyed that amazing sex to and now it's over." I pulled Nicole towards me and she laid her head on my lap like we often do.

As she looked up at me I explained, "Nicole, sweetie if you don't want the sex to end it doesn't have to."

She gave me a puzzled look. Hey, he's a young super horny boy. I'm positive he'd love to have sex with either one of us at anytime we wanted. You mean we could share Steven?


Oh yea trust me on this one Nicole.

"Well that does sound like it might work Mom."

"Having a three some does sound exciting."

Well that's not exactly what I was thinking but sure your eighteen why not." I replied. Your right Nicole it does sound exciting. One other thing.

What's that Mom?

Well you had Steven all to yourself before but now because of me your sharing him.

That's ok Mom.

No it's not.

Nicole do you think my boyfriend is cute?

You mean Randy?

He is beyond cute mom of course I think he's cute.

Would you like to screw him if you had the chance?

What? Mom he's in his forties.

Nicole I'm not asking if you want to marry him I'm just asking if you had the chance would you like to fuck him.

Mom are you kidding?

No I'm not.

Sweetheart I have sperm inside me from a nineteen year old. There's no reason why you can't enjoy a forty one year old. Mom, so if you hadn't had sex for almost two years before last night then you and Randy haven't had sex yet? That's right sweetheart. Why not?

"That's a very good question. He just seems to be putting it off for some reason, but I'm betting if he had the chance to be with you he'd jump at it." I explained.

"Mom I'd love to have sex with your boyfriend" Her eyes lite up like bright stars.

Ok I'll talk to Randy, he's going to pick me up for church in about ten minutes. Just the I noticed that my daughter had her hand on her pussy and was very slowly masturbating."

Tell you what Nicole, while Randy and me are at church why don't you take a shower and get all sexy and when we get home the three of us will go out and have brunch. In fact wear that little black dress you look so nice in."

Ok Mom I'm starved. Randy picked me up right on time and we drove to church as planned. It was a very nice service. At least what of it I heard when I wasn't daydreaming about last night and the very erotic possibilities in the near future. Church went long but finally we headed to the car.

As we got going I asked if we could take the long way home because I needed to talk to him about something very important. I'm sure he thought I was going to break up with him. He soon found out that was not at all the case.

Randy, I asked him, "Do you think my daughter is attractive?"

" Susan, of course I think she's attractive. She's the most adorable young girl I know. Do you think she's sexy?

Why would you ask me such a question?"

Ever fantasize about her Randy?

WHAT? "You know, have you ever wondered what sex with her would be like? " Ok Susan what's going on?!!!

Randy have you ever wondered? Come on Randy tell the truth I won't get mad I promise.

Ok ok yes I've had sexual fantasies about Nicole. I'm Sorry Susan but I'm human. She's an absolute babe.

Ok good that's nice to hear.

Randy seemed puzzled.

"Yes because we've been going out for awhile now and you haven't even tried to have sex with me. I was starting to worry there was something wrong with you. Like maybe you're gay or something."

I've been told I'm fairly attractive so I didn't think that was the issue. Susan you're beautiful and sexy and very attractive. I haven't tried to get you in bed because the problem is me but I'm not gay trust me.

Ok Randy tell me what's the deal?

I really really like you Susan and I didn't want to scare you away.

Randy I don't understand.

Susan my penis is rather large.


How large?

Well....... just over eight inches long and nearly as big around as a juice can when I'm hard.

Randy are you serious?

Susan would you like to see it?

No I believe you, I absolutely believe you.

I could feel my pussy getting wet as we drove.

"So Randy, you could show it to me tonight when your having sex with Nicole!" Randy about drove off the road.

As we drove back to my house to pick up Nicole, I told him all the details about last night as well as this morning and why I really wished he'd consider having sex with my daughter. It was no surprise when he said he now understood and being with Nicole would be amazing.

I was dripping wet.

Thinking about Randy putting his very large cock inside my daughter's young sexy little body was extremely erotic. I started to fantasize about actually seeing them joined together. I need to call Steven and invite him over tonight. I'm so fucking horny!!!

End of part 4

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