Mother's Night To Remember: Part 3

by Susan (USA)

I jumped out of bed in a panic. All I had on was my girdle. I looked for my robe and couldn't find it. OMG I left it downstairs by the couch last night. Just then Nicole knocked on my bedroom door.

"Mom do you want your robe? I found it down by the couch."

"YES sweetheart I'll get it after I get dressed!" I said in a panic. "Mom, I have it don't you want it now?"

I paused for a few seconds considering what I had done last night and how I betrayed my darling daughter. I quickly realized she would eventually find out about last nights activities. It's just a matter of when. Might as well be now. At least I can be honest about it and not lie and try to cover it up.

Steven was awake now and obviously shaken by what was inevitable. I looked at my lover and shrugged my shoulders as if to say "What can I do?" All I got back was a blank look.

"Yes honey I'd like it, you can bring it in." I prepared to do a lot of explaining.

Nicole opened the door slowly and stepped in with my robe in over her arm.

"Mom why do you have your girdle on already? Aren't you going to take a shower before you get dressed for church?"

After a silence I spoke, "Nicole I really need to talk to you sweetheart."

She looked confused. Then she saw her boyfriend standing by my bed. He had put his pants on and was working on his polo.

"Steven what are you doing in mom's bedroom?" She said looking at Steven then looking at me. Then the reality of what she was seeing hit her.

"MOM! OMG Did you two have SEX last night!!??" I'm sorry Nicole, but yes, we did.

Mother are you telling me that you had Steve's cock inside you?!!! MY GOD!!!!!! The look she gave me was a look of total disgust.

She turned and left the room slamming the door. I picked my robe from the floor and put it on.

"Well that was uncomfortable" I said to Steven.

Yes it was to be sure. What do we do now? You don't do anything for now Steven. Just go home and I'll talk to Nicole. She's understandably very upset right now but given some time she'll understand and accept what happened last night. We took each other in in our arms and kissed very passionate.

"Steven, I'm glad for last night and I'm glad it happened. I want it to happen again soon."

"Me to Susan, you were incredible last night."

He put his hands inside my robe and caressed my girdled butt. He pulled me tightly to himself and we kissed again.

"You better go Steven before you end up inside me again. I need to go and talk to Nicole." Ok I'm going to miss you Susan. Me to you hunk.

"Oh Steve, I forgot. You didn't get to try on my girdle did you, I'm so sorry sweetie. Next time we get together you can try it on. Does that sound like a deal?"

That sounds incredible Susan I hope it's soon. Me too Stevie. After one last kiss Steven left for home. I knew Nicole needed some time to cool off so I decided to take a much needed shower and get dressed for church. While I was in the shower I thought about Steven and me and our little escapade last night. I know that it's really ridiculous for me at thirty nine year old to start a relationship with a nineteen year old boy.I'm old enough to be his mother.

Obviously it's probably not going to last more than two or three months if I'm lucky. Not to mention that if the wrong people found out about our fling it would be very embarrassing. And then there's the biggie. What if I get pregnant!! That reminds me I've got to get to the drugstore as soon as possible. I had unprotected sex last night.

From what I felt Steven gave me a big dose of semen and placed it right at my cervix. I desperately need to get the morning after pill. And some spermicide suppositories. I'm not going to wait to get on the pill before I have sex with Steven again. I mean I know our sexual opportunities are going to be limited. He'll be going to college before I know it.

I finished my shower and got dressed. Did my hair and makeup. Now off to the drugstore. Nicole was in her bedroom so I just decided to give her more time. Fortunately the drugstore is open on Sunday mornings and is only a couple miles away. I purchased what I needed and headed for the car. I wasted no time and took the pill with a bottle of water I had left in the car.

Now back home and try and reason with Nicole. When I walked in the front door she was sitting on the couch under a blanket. I kicked off my shoes and sat by her not knowing what to expect.

"Sweetie I know your upset with me but will you talk to me? " She said nothing. Just stared at the floor.

"Ok how about you listen and I'll talk." She shrugged her shoulders. Good that's a start I thought.

End of part 3

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