Mother’s Night To Remember: Part 2

by Susan (USA)

Steven stood and pulled me up from the couch were I had been sleeping. As soon as I was standing I took my robe from my shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Steve's lustful eyes scanned over my body while I stood before him in just my bra and girdle.

I felt so venerable. I knew I was committed to giving myself to Steven sexually. I couldn't back out. I didn't want to back out, even though I knew I should. With all my soul I needed him to come to my bed and fill my pussy with his hard cock.

Steven put his hands around my waist then let them slide over my girdle to my bottom pulling me tightly to his body. I've never been so sexually excited. I took Steven's hand a led him to the bottom of the stairway. I started up the stairs and Steven followed close behind.

I knew he was getting a very nice view of my cute little girdled butt. I smiled to myself thinking his cock should be hard and ready to penetrate me by the time we reached the top of the stairs. When we reached Nicole's bedroom door I saw it was partially open. I very quietly and cautiously closed it.

I surely didn't want my daughter hearing me fucking her boyfriend. As we quietly made our way down the hallway to my room, my horny little lover kept trying to pinch my butt. My tight girdle made it impossible but I really enjoyed his playfulness. It made me feel like a teenager myself.

Finally we made it to my bedroom and again I very carefully closed my door. I couldn't believe I had Nicole's boyfriend in my bedroom, and with every intention of having sex with him. As soon as I turned around Steven picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. We kissed passionately as he carried me to my bed and carefully laid me on my back.

With my legs still spread he opened my girdles split crotch and started to finger me. My head went back as he found my opening and slowly inserted his middle finger inside me. He went right to my "G" spot again and started to work his magic. I orgasmed immediately. It shook me to my core.

When I recovered I pulled myself up and started to undress my young stud. I pulled his polo shirt up and over his head. I ran my hands over his chest and stomach. He was perfect. Perfect in every way. Firm, muscular, and not an ounce of fat. I felt myself start to breathe heavy and my pussy was soaking wet.

I was almost scared to continue. I couldn't imagine what his cock must look like. My lustful instincts took over and I started to undo his belt and lower his zipper. My hands were trembling. I was about to see the cock that has been pleasuring my daughter. No doubt bringing her to multiple orgasms and depositing this studs sperm inside her.

But right now he's mine. All mine at least for the next few hours. I took hold of Steve's jeans and boxers and pulled them down together. There it was, hard as a rock. Seven inches of pure pleasure. It was beautiful, perfect, and cut. I took it in my hand and couldn't quite get my fingers around it. Wow. Steven stepped out of his clothes and kicked them aside.

I looked up at Steven and said, " Your cock is beautiful I absolutely love it. Your so perfect."

"Susan, your the perfect one. You have a gorgeous sexy body. Seeing you in this girdle makes me crazy. Thank you for allowing me to be here with you. I've wanted this to happen ever since we first met. "

"That's a very nice thing to say sweetheart. Steven....... would you lick....... my pussy? Should I take my girdle off to make it easier? "

Susan I'd love to lick you. Don't you dare take your girdle off. My legs were hanging over the edge of my bed spread wide. Steven knelt on the floor and opened my girdles gusset exposing my very wet pussy. Gently he began licking up and down the length of my pussy lips giving my clit extra attention. Needless to say I was in sexual bliss. It took only about thirty seconds for me to have my first oral orgasm.

I could feel myself lubricating from all the sexual stimulation but my lover just kept licking me clean. I couldn't imagine how oral sex could ever get any better than this. I was on the verge of orgasm nearly continuously. At that moment I was overwhelmed with the desire to suck Steven's cock. I pulled him up on the bed facing me.

We kissed and I rubbed the silky front panel of my girdle against his hard and precum soaked cock. He gasped as he felt his cock touch my girdle. He thrust his hips ahead sliding his wet cock along the front of my girdle. Knowing much of this might bring him to climax I rolled him on his back and took his gorgeous manhood into my mouth.

"Oh Susan that feels so great." Was all he could mutter out. His hand was rubbing my girdled hip as I gave him a blow job. His precum tasted so nice. Steven then raised my head from his cock and then asked, "Susan, could we put my cock inside you now please?"

"Oh you dear sweet boy" I replied.

"Of course we can sweetheart." I kissed him as passionately as I know how.

Our tongues mingled as I stroked his cock. He had his finger inside me gently feeling for my "G" spot again. When he found it my whole body jerked uncontrollably. I took his hand from my pussy and whispered "its time lover. " We looked into each other's eye's. We were so in love at that moment.

I straddled Steven and placed my pussy directly over his throbbing cock. "Here you hold yourself straight towards my pussy and I'll hold my girdle open." He did and I very slowly lowered myself around his hard hot throbbing pole. We both let out a gasp of intense pleasure while we joined our souls in the most intimate way imaginable.

Neither of us moved or said anything for a couple minutes. I looked down at him and he up at me. I finally leaned over to him kissed him on the forehead and asked, "Are you okay?"

"Susan I so love the way I feel inside you. You're so tight and warm."

"Steven you feel amazing. You fit inside me perfectly. I can feel the tip of your cock just lightly touching my cervix."

I slowly started fucking this teenager's dick that was filling me so intimately. Omg Steven you feel so fucking good. This is the first cock I've had inside me in nearly two years. I've been dating my current boyfriend for about two months now but he's just to shy to let himself get intimate with me. That's going to change really soon or he's history.

Having sex with Steve just reminded me what I've been missing. I started pumping faster enjoying the feeling of Steve's cock entering and nearly exiting my pussy. The sensations of wearing my tight girdle while Steven was inside me was amazing. It just really intensified everything sexual.

Suddenly without warning I had my first penis in vagina orgasm. It was incredible. Mind blowing. A few seconds later Steve eyes got big. He grunted and gasped nearly out of breath and said, "I'm cumming." I felt the familiar swell of his penis inside me as he held himself as deep in me as he could. His cock started twitching a jerking. He was ejaculating his sperm up inside me with grunt after grunt.

At that moment I knew I was being inseminated with Steve's sperm. I could feel his semen flooding my cervix with sperm. That sensation sent me into the most intense orgasm of my life. I screamed with my hand over my mouth. Finally I calmed down and i collapsed against Steve's chest with him still inside me. Again we didn't move. Neither of us wanting the moment to end. After a minute or two he softened and slipped from me. I felt so empty but very satisfied.

"Susan that was fucking amazing. I hope we can do it again sometime."

"Steven honey, we will definitely be doing it again very soon."

We fell asleep with Steve spooning me. I was still wearing my girdle and loving that it was soaked with Steve's sperm.

Several hours later I woke up with a start. It was daylight and I could hear Nicole in the hallway. OMG we were going to get caught.

End of Part 2

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