Mother's Night To Remember: Part 10

by Susan (USA)

Randy's penis was fully hard now that Nicole had been touching and stroking it. A drop of precum had formed at the tip of Randy's very excited penis. Nicole spread it over the head of his shaft making it very slippery. She enjoyed the way it twitched at her touch.

Nicole could only imagine the massive amount of sperm this impressive male tool was capable of delivering. She kissed and licked Randy's cock before she stood while adjusting her girdle slightly before she sat on the edge of the bed.

Nicole was devastated. Tears started to form in the corners of her eyes. Randy felt bad for Nicole. He also felt bad for himself. Having sexual relations with Nicole were not going as he had hoped. But then he realized that they could still have some special moments together.

So Randy knelt in front of her, kissed her and very quietly asked her if she would allow him to lick her little pussy. She took his head in her hands kissed him back and said, "You would do that for me?"

"Yes of course I would Nicole."

So Nicole laid back on the bed spreading her legs slightly. Randy paused for a moment and took in the sight of her laying there wearing her cute little girdle. He ran his hands from the waist band of her girdle to the lace on the hem of the legs. He looked up to Nicole and asked, "Should we take your girdle off?"

She was intending to leave her girdle on for the modesty it provided her. She wasn't sure she was ready to be completely naked in front of Randy quite so soon. But she responded, "Yes could you help me?"

Randy took hold of her girdles waist on each side and began pulling the tight girdle down over its self. Nicole raised her hips allowing her panty girdle to be pulled completely from her petite figure. Randy turned the girdle right side out and laid it next to Nicole. Randy wasted no time giving his young lover the oral sex that he hoped she would enjoy.

Nicole responded to his oral skills almost immediately raising her hips up off the bed to give Randy better access to her clean shaven pussy. She flinched and stiffened up when he carefully inserted a finger inside her very wet and small hole. As soon as he gently rubbed her clit with his tongue she had her first intense orgasm of the night.

At the height of her climax she reached over to Steven and took his hand. She kissed it and put a couple of Steve's fingers in her mouth. Susan watched as her daughter received oral sex from Randy and apparently wanted Steven to also be involved in some way. Susan continued to watch what was developing.

Nicole pulled Steven to hers and Randy's side of the bed. As she neared another orgasm from Randy's tongue and fingers she demanded that Steven kiss her. He didn't hesitate and they started kissing very long and passionately. Susan started to get very wet and horny watching her daughter.

After another orgasm and nearly out of breath Nicole asked Steven to take off the girdle........ I want your cock in my mouth she demanded. With Nicole's help Steven removed his girdle and in seconds Nicole had his hard penis in her mouth. Nicole was incredibly wet and super horny. Randy couldn't resist at least rubbing his throbbing cock up and down along Nicole's dripping pussy.

He stood and held his large very hard cock against Nicole's pussy lips. Slowly he slid the head of his manhood the length of her wetness. Randy's cock head was soaked with Nicole's lubricating juices. Randy's sexual instincts to breed a female completely took over his actions from this time forward. He desperately needed to try and penetrate Nicole.

He moved his penis to her opening and gently tried pushing in. Nicole must of felt him and didn't respond so he thought he'd pushed much harder this time. He felt her hole just start to expand to accept his cock. This time Nicole raised her hips to better receive his probing penis. She had to realise what he was attempting to do. In her current state of mind she was apparently desperate to have intercourse with Randy.

She continued to give Steven the sucking of his young life. Randy this time pushed very slowly and forcefully until he finally felt the head of his cock pop inside Nicole. Nicole moaned and used her legs to try and push Randy inside her further. As more of Randy's cock inched into Nicole she moaned louder and longer. She removed Steve from her mouth just long enough to encourage Randy to put himself completely inside her.

After a few moments that's what Randy did and Nicole was in sexual heaven. OMG Randy you feel so fucking good. Please don't move. I just need to get used to this for a minute. She felt stretched to the limit and way over full but the feeling was beyond description. She never imagined sex could ever feel this amazing. She just wanted to stay this way all night.

She looked at Randy, he looked back at Nicole. They kissed slow and passionately.

"Oh Nicole you sweet baby, my cock feels so incredible inside you!" Randy just moaned in total sexual pleasure as he closed his eyes and began to move his penis ever so slightly.

His penis felt so stimulated being in Nicole's pussy he knew much movement would cause him uncontrolled premature ejaculation. At this moment Randy couldn't accept the possibility of him ever withdrawing from Nicole. He just had to stay inside her.

After being sexually joined with Nicole for a few minutes Randy slowly and then more rapidly thrust in and out of Nicole's beautiful body causing her to go into another wild orgasm. Randy quickly felt the inevitable build up of his own orgasm in his very sensitive hard cock. He stopped pumping Nicole and his near orgasm faded giving him more time to be "one" with this incredible sexy girl.

"Randy please don't stop. want to feel your cock deliver it's sperm, oh baby please breed me. Hearing Nicole beg for his seed threw him into immediate orgasm. Nicole felt his cock swell and twitch as Randy pushed himself as tightly into Nicole as possible. She could feel a flood of semen invading her cervix. She screamed out totally consumed in her most intense orgasm yet.

It took several minutes for both of them to recover from the mind blowing intercourse they had just shared. Randy remained on top of Nicole with his now soft cock still inside Nicole. They kissed again then looked over just as Steven started to mount Nicole's mother. Susan was still wearing her girdle as Steven slid his erect cock into her very wet pussy.

Susan reached over and took her daughter's hand and held it while Steven started fucking her with vigor. Nicole quickly realized that her mother would soon be filled will her boyfriend's sperm again. That's twice in as many days. Nicole looked up at Randy as he very slowly withdrew his long soft cock from Nicole.

"Randy we're definitely going to continue having sex."

Susan squeezed Nicole's hand tightly as she felt her lover orgasm a fresh deposit of sperm inside her pussy. There would be no surprises this time in the morning. Both girls were bred full of sperm and both felt very sexually satisfied.

After a few minutes both the boys got dressed and headed home. Nicole and Susan remained in bed cuddling. They faced one another. Nicole had her thigh between her mother's legs up against her girdles wet crotch. Susan could feel Randy's sperm dripping form Nicole's pussy.

After they kissed Susan softly spoke to her daughter, "You really should put your girdle on sweetheart."

End of Series

Hope some of you have gotten at least some enjoyment hearing about how my daughter and me have gotten to where we are now.

We intend to continue swapping boyfriend's. Nicole still wants to have a threesome so I'm sure that will happen. Please give me feedback if you'd like to continue hearing about our adventures.

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