Mothers Night To Remember: Part 1

by Susan (USA)

This actually happened to me last Saturday night. My daughter's boyfriend, Steven, made very sweet love to me. It was the most wonderful experience of my life. It was beyond my wildest dreams.

I've never done anything even close to this before. I know he's only a teenager but I find him irresistible and very sexy. He's a stud and he satisfies me completely. I've wanted him inside me ever since he started dating my daughter but I sure didn't think my lust for him would ever be satisfied.

But first a little background before I continue. My name is Susan. I'm a single mom. I'm thirty nine years old. I'm very fit for my age. I'm 5'5" tall and weigh 115 lbs. I have brown hair to my shoulders a little butt and a cute pixie nose.

I have a teenage daughter, her name is Nicole. She's a senior in high school. Long blonde hair and very attractive. So here's my story about what happened. Steven and Nicole had gone to see a movie Saturday night.

The movie didn't get over till 11:00 pm so they came back to the house for a snack and watch some TV. I was on the couch wearing a heavy terry cloth robe that I really like since it's so cozy. I was still wearing my girdle that I had put on earlier in the day to attend a baby shower.

Normally I would take it off as soon as I got home but today I just hadn't bothered to take it off yet since I don't mind wearing it around the house sometimes. Sometimes I like the feel of wearing a girdle.

Anyway Steven was sitting in the recliner across the room. Nicole had gone up to bed earlier after having a long day. I eventually fell asleep on the couch. Unknowing to me my robe belt had became untied and my robe had opened partially exposing my girdle.

How long it had been that way I'm not sure but when I woke up Nicole's boyfriend was kneeling on the floor next to me with his hand gently rubbing my inner thigh. Occasionally the side of his hand would touch my tightly covered pussy.

I was startled at first but quickly realized that this is what I had been lusting for. I was being seduced by Nicole's boyfriend. He knelt over me and gently kissed me then whispered, "You are so fucking sexy in your tight girdle Susan." I was instantly wet.

I couldn't believe what he had just said. I took his hand and held it tightly against my girdled crotch. My mind raced as I considered the possibility of actually having sex with him. I knew I wanted it, but he was Nicole's boyfriend after all and only nineteen years old. Nicole's bedroom was at the top of the stairway and I wasn't sure if she had closed her door.

I can get very vocal when I orgasm and I didn't know if I could control myself. I knew if I allowed this to continue he'd end up inside me and several orgasms were likely. He had me so turned on. I was almost orgasmic just imagining what he might feel like inseminating me with his sperm.

I lusted for him to climax inside me. He had found my long leg girdles split crotch and was starting to finger my pussy. He very slowly inserted a finger inside me as if to be testing the waters to see if I'd object. I didn't and he became more aggressive. He went right for my "G" spot. This young stud knew exactly what he was doing.

He's apparently been gaining some experience with my daughter. She's a very lucky girl. Now I understand why she wanted to start on birth control. Then it all started to fall into place. She wears a girdle occasionally. I'm beginning to think that maybe Steven has a girdle fetish.

Apparently a very strong one since he was trying to seduce me, his girlfriend's mother. As he continued to finger me his other hand was exploring my girdle..... everywhere. He was lusting for it, and me. I was so thankful I hadn't taken it off earlier. If wearing a tight panty girdle gets me screwed by this stud then I'll be wearing it more often.

Then I got a unexpected surprise. He whispered again, only this time he said, "Susan, what's it like to wear a girdle?"

"Well Steven it's a little hard to explain. It just feels really tight all over." I replied.

"Ok I was just wondering what wearing a girdle was like," said Steven.

Wow this little sweetheart really does have a fetish. I quickly thought that if it gets me inseminated tonight why not let the poor boy enjoy wearing my girdle for a few minutes. I do find wearing a girdle very pleasurable at times. I guess there's nothing wrong with him having that same experience.

"Steven would you like to try on my girdle to see what its like?" I asked.

"Ah ah yea I guess so. It would be nice but please don't tell anyone especially Nicole ok?" Steven pleaded.

I won't, it will be our little secret Steven. We kissed and kissed again. I pulled him to me and said let's go to my bedroom. I have a different one in my dresser you can try on. It's just like this girdle I'm wearing except it's one size larger and it's black. Then we'll both be wearing a girdle. How's that sound Stevie.

He agreed with a smile and gave me a very passionate kiss. My pussy was tingling with anticipation.

In a few minutes I was going to be inseminated with millions of this teenager's sperm. I was shaking. I couldn't believe I was going to again feel what a hard cock felt like fully inside me. It had been years. I hoped it would reach all the way to my cervix.

I'm going to really enjoy knowing this nineteen year old sperm inseminated me. Oh I hope Nicole doesn't wake up and ruin everything. Tonight his cock, balls and sperm are mine.

End of part 1

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