Motherly Love: Part 3

by James (Australia)

I couldn't believe i was on my mom's bed with both of her beautiful boobs in my hands, she was loving it, rubbing her peachy butt up and down on my hard cock as i squeezed her titties.

Oh yea when i moved my hand up a bit and put her naughty nipples between my thumb and fore fingers she almost came, i'm not kidding.. the moment i gently squeezed her nipples she took a deep breath grabbed my hands and moaned out so loud, I'm sure the neighbors herd her.

He he And she pushed her bum back on my cock so hard, I squeezed her naughty nipples and she rubbed her bum on my cock for ten minutes, then i took my top arm and slowly pushed it down her tummy to her thong, she opened her legs for me, Oow my goodness yum, i put my and on her black thong and gently squeezed my moms pussie.

Oh she said, that's so naughty.. she looked back at me and kissed me softly on the lips, your naughty boy. Then i squeezed her boob with one hand, squeezed her pussie with my other hand while she rubbed her bum on my rock hard cock.

A few minutes in i could start to the moisture coming through her black thong, all i could think about was, as i rubbed and squeezed my moms pussie, how tight was her thong and was it rubbing on her naughty bumhole as i rubbed it on her pussie.

I knew mom had Anal Sex with my dad so there was a definite chance i would end up fucking my mother in her sexy bumhole at some point. Then the best bit happened, i pushed my hand down the front of my moms thong undies, oh yum.. she was dripping wet, so slippery, her undies were drenched.

As i slid my finger down her pussie lips she took a deep breath and held it, she put her head back on my should and spread her legs as wide as she could, as i reached the bottom of her wet pussie lips she let out this deep loud moan, she kissed my cheek and whispered now taste me, i put the finger in my mouth, mmm i said to her yumm.

Now stick your finger inside me,, i pushed my hand down the front her undies and slid my finger slowly into my mother's wet pussie.. she grabbed my hand on her boob.. squeezed my fingers on her nipple, then she slowly moved her hops back and forward as fingered my own mother.

She was definitely in heaven, and i was most certainly enjoying myself... Fifteen minutes of bliss and i had my own mother cumming on my hand. I don't think you have felt that much love until you have felt the inside of your own mothers warm pussie throbbing on your fingers as she has an orgasm.

I love my mother so much and will secretly cherish those beautiful moments for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, that's as far as we went, only a few days later i started going out with a lovely young lady, my hairdresser. But that's not the end of this tale, not yet. There's a little bit more....

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