Motherly Love: Part 2

by James (Australia)

The best part happened a few weeks after moving into a unit with my very sexy mother. Apart from our normal shanigans of walking around in our underpants, laying on our beds half naked and not to mention the masturbating.

Oh the masturbating was getting out of control, It was practically a Daily occurrance, with either one or both of us exposing our naughty genitals to each other, the pussie and cock teasing was rampant..he he. We both loved it so much, we couldn't have been happier.

One Saturday morning mom had smoked some of my medical mary jane, she had a shower then spent a good few hour laying her bed listening to music relaxing in her short nighty, when i walked past her bedroom, she had a leg up and i could clearly see her black thong undies.. very frustrating indeed.

I decided to do a little teasing myself, i had a few puffs of my ciggy, i'd already had a shower so i turned the tv on in my bedroom and got comfy. In a couple of hours mom only walk past a few times, frustrated i went into my bedroom and sat on the end of her bed, had a few cheeky close up pervs at her black thong undies.

She knew what i was doing, she had the cheekiest smile, anyway i asked her if i could have a cuddle, she smiled again and said sure, i got up on her bed behind her and spooned mom, put my arm around her just under her boob, i was so fricken horny i could barely contain myself, so i hugged her tight, i squeezed and shook my arm a little bit which rubbed my arm under her boob and shook it a little bit, at the same time i pushed my hard cock.

My knob enter into her naughty bum cheeks, She took a deep breath and said Oow that's nice. Excited i hugged and her tight, shook my arm again and shook her boob and pushed my hard cock accidently right between her gorgeous bum cheeks, to my surprise she immediately pushed her bum back to me.

Oh my goodness, my knob was now resting right up against her sexy bum hole.. i was in heaven... for a few moments anyway. After about ten seconds it felt a bit weird so i pulled my now rock-hard cock from her sexy bum cheeks. I could barely contain my excitement, i didn't know what to do so i went out to the loungeroom.

Mom came with me and both had a few puffs of the med/ mary jane to calm down.. he he we were both grinning like teenagers. We both had a few puffs each, had a drink then went back to mom's bed, then cuddled up like before, it felt so naughty, so sexy.

Mom almost straight away started rubbing her naughty butt on my hard cock, i put one arm under her and arm over her, cupping both of her gorgeous boobs, i couldn't believe it, my heart was pounding so hard in my chest, i could feel how heavy her breathing was, i had both of my mom's boobs in my hands, gently squeezing squishing.

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