Motherly Love: Part 1

by James (Australia)

When I was nineteen my mother decided to end her marriage with my alcoholic father who turned violent. My mother asked me months before if i wanted to move out with her, because she was fed up with dad's angry attitude.

To be honest he never showed any caring feelings towards me, so i had no problem moving out of the family home. So we both saved up a bunch of money, preparing for the move, then just like that, while dad was at work, we hired a moving trailer and took all our things to the two-bedroom unit a few suburbs away.

Moved everything in one day, before dad got home from work. The move was relatively painless, dad was obviously expecting it. The unit was quite small compared to the house we lived in, but my mom and i get along very well, and we love each other very much.

Because we were so comfy with each other it was normal to walk around in our underwear. Can i just say my mom is quite attractive. 5ft something, beautiful big boobs with large nipples and were always hard for some reason, i certainly wasn't complaining, she had a big bum butt a sexy peach shape.

She has long brown wavy hair and big brown eyes with those kitty cat type eyelashes and eyeliner. Mom didn't want to drink anymore so she decided to try my medical mary jane to see why i liked it so much. As it turned out she loved it, what i didn't tell her was how horny it makes you feel, she found out pretty quickly.

After a few puffs she would go to her bedroom and listen to music to fully relax. I loved when she did that, we both had no problem leaving our bedroom doors open, I loved walking past and seeing my moms sexy bum poking out the bottom of her thigh high nighty, while laying on her side.. he he.. i did many double takes for the sake of a perv.

So excited and comfy with each other, it was not uncommon to sleep or lay on our bed with no underpants at all. Fully exposing ourselves to each other, I must say those few months were the most enjoyable times i had spent with my mother.

There was an abnormal amount of masturbating going on for both of us in that unit. She is so so sexy. My favorite thing was seeing one side of her undies disappearing inside her butt crack, seeing like that made my cock so hard.

And i started to make a point of laying my bed watching tv, when i herd mom coming down the hallway i would pull my undies down to my knees and lay there with my stiff cock fully exposed so she could get a good look, i can't tell you how sexy that felt when she walked past, and had a cheeky look.

The first time i did that, later eating dinner she was happy as usual and said nothing about exposing my fat cock to her so after that i guessed she liked it, so i practically did it every day after that. then the best part...

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