by Wilson (Canada)

This is a true story that happened (started 15 years ago) and still going on together. When I met my then girlfriend now wife back then she is only 5'2" 100lbs and I'm 5'11" 210lbs with a 11" cock and 7" around. My girl had a hard time and couldn't take my whole cock in her small pussy or mouth.

My girlfriend and I married 2 years after meeting and her mom and dad split shortly after we married and her mom had to move in with us. My wife and her mom are very close and could pass for sisters, and always talk to each other like sisters, no secret's. Eyes are all on us when we go out for supper.

After about 3 months after her mom moving in my wife and I finished our fuck fest she asked if I was still ok that her mom was staying with us, I was because it was like having 2 wife's and both are beautiful and both about the same build.

Like I said they talked like sisters. My wife told me her mom would hear us fucking all the time and she would finger and toy her cunt outside our bedroom door when she would hear us. I asked if she wanted to join us, my wife said her mom wanted to try my big cock she thought she could take it all in her cunt and maybe her ass as well.

Fuck I was game as long as my wife would let it all happen and she said she wanted me to feel completely in a pussy or asshole and also wanted her mom to feel completely full and satisfied.

The following weekend we were all off work so we grilled up so steaks, spuds and some veggies along with some rum and cokes, beer and later on some wine sitting around a fire just the 3 of us.

My wife asked her mom if she wanted to see my cock or just dream about it LOL, she said I thought you would never asked!! She came over and sat on my lap facing me and planted her lips on mine for a all out lip and tongue dance very sloppy.

My Mother in-law was very horny and was not wasting anytime on getting our clothes off, my wife was laughing at her mom's eagerness it was awesome. She stripped us down and wanted to go into the bedroom for more comfort and she was like a real slut on fire.

Said it had been months without a hard cock only toys. My wife before we married told her mom of my cock size and her mom didn't believe her and thought she was exaggerating about it lol.

After all our clothes was off she went fucking crazy trying to get my cock down here throat, so much spit and gagging and trying her eyes were watering!! She couldn't get me all in but not for the lack of trying. She was rubbing and fingering her hole all the time she was trying to deep throat me.

Now it was time to try my cock in her cunt and holy fuck what a eager slut she was on me in a flash standing above my cock ready to sit on me. She got the head of my cock in and was shaking in a mind blowing orgasm, legs and whole body shaking screaming my new name 7-11 LOL.

She kept sliding down my hard fucking cock until I was balls deep in her humongous Fucking tight cunt and about 3 orgasms for her I thought she was going to pass out. My new slut Mother in-law was pissing herself and shaking I thought I killed her she was moaning and not making no sense at all, her eyes rolling in the back of her head and was like this for like 5 minutes.

Finally she kinda came to and pulled herself off my cock and fell onto the bed. I let her rest for a few then rolled her over on her back and fed her my cock again right to my fucking balls, I fucking loved the new sensation and I wasn't going to last long about 4 full thrusts and I came buckets filling her cunt to overfull when I pulled out and collapsed beside her my wife was between her legs licking up all our juices like a fucking slut in heat what a site.

My mother in-law was going into another orgasm and I was getting hard by the sight before me ready to pound someone, I lifted my wife's ass in the air while she was between her moms legs licking and sucking on her moms cunt and filled her with my cock getting it deeper then I ever have before almost to my balls but not quite, a little deeper every thrust but not as deep as her mom.

We fucked for most of the night filling both my wife and her mom like 3 times each, woke up the next afternoon with my wife and her mom both tenderly playing with my cock I was just laying there relaxing and listening to them talking about our future.

Both wanted us all to stay together and keep our new sex arrangement alive forever, my mother in-law was telling my wife that after she heard about my cock size she ordered a couple dildos to practice on before trying the real thing!!

She had one for her cunt and one for her ass that she said my wife could borrow to stretch out her holes. My wife agreed but said we should all play with cock and toys double penetration's what my wife fantasizes about. What a great fucking situation to be in with 2 beautiful women in my life.

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