Mother-In-Law: Part 1

by Anonymous

Our feet dangling in the warm pool water on that warm July Saturday night.

“It has been three years since I have been with a man...three looong years, do you have any idea how hard that has been?” My mother-in-law, Sandy just confessed to me. Tina, my wife, went out for the night with her girlfriends while I stayed back at her mom’s house. Tina’s daughter, Jodie who I thought of as my own daughter, considering I began dating Tina when Jodie was just six months old. Jodie was now five.

Tonight was supposed to be a nice relaxing evening back at the house watching tv and maybe sitting by the pool, just relaxing. What I did not expect was to be in a full on discussion with Sandy about her sex life or lack there of. But, it was out of my hands, as Sandy had followed me to the pool, sat down beside me and shoe horned her sex life into what had been a fairly bland conversation.

“Come on, how would you feel after three years of not having sex?” Sandy asked.

“Well... I guess if you think back to when I first learned to masturbate until I had sex was three years, so I do know your pain.” I shot right back.

“I masturbate daily, finger myself, use a vibrator or a dildo, hell, sometimes I even use vegetables, but it does not match up to the feeling of a thick hard cock slides inside of me. Nothing matches that feeling.” Sandy added.

“I get it, it has been tough. I do not understand because you are very beautiful and you are out going.” I politely said.

“Oh, so I’m just ok looking, nice one Marc. You really know how to compliment a woman that is, well, just bland in your eyes.” Sandy said trying to get me to confess my desire for her. I fell for it.

“I said you were beautiful. Come on, what guy wouldn’t want you. You are tall, nice figure, wait, very nice figure, you have all of the curves in the exact right places. Blonde, did I mention beautiful? You don’t know a stranger. You could walk into any bar and probably leave with whichever guy you wanted. How is it possible you do not have a boyfriend?” I continued.

“Pretty, oh I get it, I’m just pretty.” Sandy replied after all I had just said.

“No, you are not pretty, you are gorgeous. You know it and I know it.” I quickly replied.

“Well, if I am ‘gorgeous’ as you think, why can’t I get a man? I mean my tits are not fully real, but they are fucking spectacular. Just look.” Sandy said as she lifted her shirt and pulled up her bra. I turned and looked to see what truly were an amazing set of tits. She cupped one bouncing it a little for me. Before pulling her shirt back down.

“Yes... those are very nice breasts. Pardon me, you have fucking amazing tits.” I quickly said to head off any idea I thought her breasts were just ok.

“I dated a guy a year ago. He took me on our first date to a nice restaurant. He lived in Salem, drove a half hour down to pick me up, took me to the restaurant then brought me straight back home. A few weeks later, he drove down, picked me up and took me to a movie. When he brought me home, I asked him to come inside. He politely declined.

The next time he took me out to eat, when we were done, I asked to stop by his house. He said his place wasn’t straightened. When he brought me home, I begged him to come inside. I even told him I would pleasure him if he would come in, when he had another excuse, I leaned over and said I would give him a taste and tried to suck his cock, but he pushed me back. What fucking guy passes up a blow job?” Sandy explained.

“Are you serious? You said you would pleasure him in the car and he pushed you away? Was he gay?” I asked.

“Fucking exactly. That is my point, although you don’t think so, I am fucking damn attractive. My tits are amazing. My ass is wonderful to bounce off as you are fucking me, my pussy is so wet it drips and I am an amazing fuck. I’m telling you, if you bent me over right now and had your way with me, you would never want any other pussy, not even my daughter and I am sure she is an amazing piece of ass. I can suck your cock like no other woman. I’m telling you, I know how to pleasure a man.” Sandy ranted. I sat there in amazement.

What do you say to a woman who just said you would never want another woman ever again if you fucked her. She was definitely sending a signal. But, I had been with Tina for the last four and a half years. She was amazing and I never wanted to mess that up, especially with her own mother. Jodie was like my own daughter and it would devastate me if she wasn’t in my life.

“I’m sure you do.” Was all I could muster up as a reply.

“All I want, is a man just to bend me over and slide his hard cock in me. That is all I want, just to be bent over and... FUCKED!!!” Sandy exclaimed.

Sandy was no longer insinuating that maybe if I wanted to, now she was saying just bend me over and fuck me. I loved Tina and Jodie was everything to me. A quickie with her mom did not interest me. Sandy got up to grab us each another beer. I sat there thinking about it. I mean what could it hurt, all I would have to do was just fuck her quickly. That is it. She would be happy, no one would know. It was kind of just being a nice guy. Sandy was gone for longer than what it took to grab a few beers. I realized she was giving me time to digest her requests.

Sandy walked back out, handed me a beer and sat down right beside me. This time we were almost touching.

“So, do you and Tina have sex regularly?” Sandy inquired.

“Yes, from time to time.” Was all I wanted to divulge.

“Hmm... you mean Tina doesn’t want it often?” Sandy continued her line of questioning.

“We are very regular.” I offered up.

“Regular, like once a week, once a month...” Sandy pried.

“I don’t know, never really thought about how often, guess maybe... well, often.” I said.

“How often is often?” Sandy wanted to know as she reached over placing her hand on my leg toward m inner thigh. As she waited for an answer, slid her hand up brushing against my cock then sliding it down and back up.

Clearing my throat, “well, often, like... well, we fuck at least once a day if not more.” I confessed.

“That is my girl, I knew she loves cock. Does she satisfy your sexual desires and fantasies?” Sandy asked in a sexy tone.

Just as I was about to answer, Sandy ran her hand up and was rubbing my cock over my shorts. “Umm, she does.” I stuttered.

“You don’t have any fantasies that she isn’t willing to fulfill or maybe you just need someone else to help you fill your wildest sexual desire. Someone who will let you do anything you want. Someone who...” Sandy was saying as I leaned over and began kissing her passionately.

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