Mother-in-Law in Lock-Down

by Anon (Australia)

During this lock-down period my wife went to her parents for the weekend leaving me and her mom at our home.

My MIL has a great body - slim, attractive ass and a pair of ample boobs. As she lives with us she has little qualm of dress while indoor - hardly wears bra and often panties in summer.

Whenever my wife is not at home, she loved to show off her cleavage and would part her legs to expose her thighs, thong and trimmed bushes between them!

Most often she would talk about sex quite openly in front us.

This may be because of the fact that she has been without sex for years but would masturbate almost regularly - as I could well guess!!

I'm now in my mid-30s but still would look for chance to fuck mature women. Since in my 20s, and before getting married, I fucked about a dozen mature women and loved it!

I find them relaxed and abandoned in sex acts. But my MIL in her 50s is great.

Her loose cunt is quite comfy around my hard 8" thick cock but her mouth was better.

She could suck my cock long enough till I cum hard and she goes on sucking till every drop of my semen is swallowed dry.

Last time we were 69ing - my cock in her mouth and I was sucking her large engorged pussy lips and clit in great earnest giving her multiple orgasms.

I could feel her squeezing anus when I inserted two fingers into her butt hole slippery with my saliva and her pussy juices.

But she did not let my cock out of her mouth.

Soon I reached a second hard on and I grabbed a tube of lube from bed side table and lubed her anus hole well.

She let my cock go and turn around on her four offering her ass cheek to me.

I did not waste a minute to spread her ass cheeks to open her rose-bud, drove my cock into her anus slowly - took out a little and then thrust deeper as far as it could go.

I stayed in this position feeling the warmth of back passage as she wiggled her butt to accommodate my cock inside her well.

It was much warmer and tighter than her cunt - her squeezing muscles seemed like trying to draw my cock inside her more! Now she rested her head on the pillow.

I stooped myself on her back and wrapped my arms to grab her sagged boobs - continued to massage them hard.

Soon she climaxed shaking her whole body and this triggered me to speed up my fucking her ass hole as if to almost ripping her anal passage.

I could not hold myself any longer and I dumped my load into her squeezing ass passage.

She slumped her torso on the bed as I took my softening cock out slowly.

She was totally spent and breathing hard. WOW! what a blissful fuck...

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