by Frank (Alabama)

When I was only 18 i peeped thru a closet peep hole at my mom bathing, she was in the kitchen bathing by the fire.

MY GOSH what a beautiful pussy she had i was in 7th heaven i knew one day i would fuck her, i didn't know how i didn't know when.

What i just knew i had to feel my cock in her pussy, i could not wait, one night dad worked late, i snuggled up behind her, she thought i was being loving but i snuck my hands to her breasts.

She gasped and said Frank what r u doing i told her then i wanted to fuck her.

No she said, but no wasn't the answer i want, she resisted my arousal but i kept going.

I moved my hand to covered her pussy and began to rub it and she let out a moan, she is only 34 yrs of age but would pass for 24.

I pulled her top over her head unclipped her bra and feasted on her breasts, i turned her around, she moaned and then i knew she was mine.

I unbuttoned her shirt and let it fall to the floor to my surprise no panties and almost shaved pussy what a great aroma i could smell her sex juices.

I think now she knew i was gonna fuck her and boy was she ready, she even went as far as to undo my buttons, drop my pant and boxers then wide eyed she stared at my over sized dick.

I layed her on the sofa an ate her lubed cunt, her juices were running over my lips hot and dripping.

She then tried to give me a blow job but i wasn't having that i wanted my cock in her cunt, she said even though i was 18 my cock was fully 2 inches longer than dads.

When i probed her cunt with my dick she gave out the greatest moan, slowly i entered her inch by inch till i bottomed out.

She want more and told me so, me fucking her pussy GOSH it was sweet.

We fuck that night nearly till dad got home, next time dad works overtime, i'm gonna ass fuck her.

That came sooner than i thought, he worked the next night, we fucked and sucked like that till this day, i'm now 28, 10 years of bliss till next time.

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