Mother Knows, Daughter Discovers

by Anonymous (Cheshire)

Back in the days before we had central heating, as a family during the winter months we all slept in our biggest bedroom, Mum and Dad and Me, I’m Kelly.

I love my Mum and Dad but as a ship Chief Engineer he used to spend many months away on Far East voyages. I was well used to sleeping with mom while dad was away, I felt secure and comfortable when we snuggled down each night under the bedcovers and we would spoon together.

It was the summer of my eighteenth birthday and dad had been away five months and it was that which kicked off a new phase in my life. After a day in town with mum and I ate dinner and sat out in our conservatory. To my surprise she offered me some Asti Spumante, a departure for me as far as alcohol was concerned. We sat for an hour or so until late evening when mum decided to go to bed and asked if I was turning in as well? I said I might as well and so we went upstairs.

I was just about to go into my room when mum said Why not sleep with her that night because it’s nice to have a bed companion. I agreed of course and quickly got changed in my room into my sheer nylon sleep bra and knickers then brushed my teeth in the bathroom before slipping into bed alongside mum.

It was a bit of a shock to find Mum wearing only a pair of skimpy knickers and her full breasts had sagged slightly on each side of her chest, plus, her very thick nipples were startlingly erect. However, we snuggled down and I spooned into her from behind, one arm between her breasts and my leg between hers. I felt the dampish heat from her crotch on my thigh.

In those first minutes in bed with mum I became aware of how confused I was becoming, I felt suddenly inclined to touch um sort of semi intimately, like putting my hand on her breast and that gave me start because I had never given a thought to touching someone of the same sex. Then that initial dampish heat on my thigh began to feel distinctly moist and mum seemed to be pushing her well padded bum back against me. The bed began to feel hotter.

I don’t know what made me do it but I let my hand softly cup one of mums breasts and finger the thick nipple, I felt mum sort of stiffen but not protest in any way. In touching mum that way I felt myself becoming aroused and it emboldened me to do more. I actually tweaked mums nipple and hear her draw in a breath, gently squeezing her breath made her moan very softly while she continued to push her soft warm bum back into me.

By now I was feeling a bit squidgy down below but I knew both of us were embarked on a serious sexual tryst and I determined to make it as exquisitely fabulous as I could for both of us, no holds barred. Instinct must have taken over as I let my hand slowly sweep all over what I could feel of mums curvy body, her tits her belly her incredibly silky soft thighs and then her precious place, her beautiful waxed pussy and those cheeky butterfly wings poking from her plump outer labia.

By now mum was on her back and her soft hot hands were all over my body, and then I felt the urge to take the next irreversible step. I kissed my mother, full on her mouth and she straight away responded with wild passion.

It seemed the stage had been set intentionally by mum for a seduction ploy and yet it was I who initiated things, or maybe mum did by being more than half naked and not repelling my advances. Still keeping our fervent kiss, I shuffled on top of mum and nestled myself between her man crusher thighs, fully formed, firm and rounded, I felt faint in a silly girlish way, I was having lesbian sex with my sweet exciting darling sexy Mum.

Mum wound her arms and legs around me and I ground myself against her, getting wetter as I did so but still kissing feverishly. It was the softness of our bodies that excited me most, that and the incredible silky smoothness of mum’s skin.

Soon the both of us were slick with perspiration and it that which helped me slither down mum and suck each of those thick erect hard nipples which had mum squirming and softly moaning appreciatively. Tonguing her belly button drove Mum crazy and she nearly unseated me but I only sank my face deeper in her soft warm sweaty roundness and teased all the more.

I got a faint smell of mums aroused pussy and I slithered down until I was face to face with her wet gaping puffy lipped cunt and her clit peeking cheekily from its fleshy hood.

I moaned and squealed softly when my lips made brief contact followed by my tongue. The taste of her cunt was food for the Gods I lapped and sucked at her copious love juice while she moaned and gasped softly. Daringly I let myself lick further on into the tightness of mum’s clenched arse which brought a hoarse yelp of....

"Ohh God YES!...I LOVE that....YES! YES!."

And there will be more in Part.

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