Mother Knows, Daughter Discovers: Part 2

by Anonymous (Cheshire, England)

"Do it more, hon, lick me there again, Oh God it feels YES!...Yes!...oh you do it so well, sweetie, soooo well"

It seemed I was right on track with Mum, so while I tongued her arse I kept my fingers bust tormenting her delicious pussy. I was really into this with mum, I actually surprised myself by what I was doing, notwithstanding how incestuous it was but I was past caring as I lost myself to this voluptuous woman, my Mum.

I tempted fate by putting a finger into the gaping wetness of mum’s pussy, she drew in a sharp breath, I delved deeper into her marveling hot velvety the inside of her pussy felt......

"Another finger, put another finger in me, honey....nnnnnnhhhhh! oh! Ohhhh! thats sooooo good"

So as well as licking mums arse I was now finger fucking her...I was truly astonished at how natural it felt to be doing this with my mum, I had never even thought about sex with another girl and yet here I was doing that very thing, and loving it, really really loving it.

Mum was looking down at my fingers doing their thing inside her, she was leaning on her elbows and staring hot eyed, mouth open and breathing hard. I knew more was expected from me so throwing caution to the wind in got my four fingers slipping easily into mum’s pussy, and she became more vocal as well as moving her hips more provocatively.

When I added my thumb to my fingers, mum reached down and grasped my wrist. If I thought she was going to stop me doing what I was doing, I was wrong for instead she pulled my arm and to my astonishment I found my hand being pulled into my mother’s vagina, my hand was inside my mum, in her pussy, in her very creamy cunt, her smooth, puffy lipped hot cunt, I was actually fist fucking my mother much to her moaning gasping squealing delight...

"Ohh God!....God!...Ohhhhhh GOD! I Love it....Love it!..Fuck me!..fuckmefuckmefuckfuckmeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

And then she was cumming, my mum was orgasming, it went on and on, her beautiful body heaving and contorting in a paroxysm of orgasmic shocks that barely gave her a chance to draw breath. When it was over, her pelvic muscles were in spasm, my hand was locked inside her vagina, I'd heard of it, 'Vaginismus'.

Mum seemed to be somewhere beyond her own reality, I waited content to run my eyes over her limp body, taking in her flawless pale porcelain like skin, the shapely columns of her legs, her slightly rounded belly and her delicious breasts and the thick brown nipples I had once suckled.

When I managed to kiss her and gently bite her lower lip it seemed to snap mum back to reality, suddenly I felt her pussy soften and I very slowly slid my handout of its celestial prison followed by a long trickle of what I assumed was girl cum at which moment mum pulled me on top of her and again enfolded me in her arms and legs and just held me there kissing me softly.

We must have fallen asleep for some hours, but on awakening......well, that’s quite another story.

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