Mother In Law Enema

by James Vinci (Ohio)

One day living with my mother in law, I feel deathly ill. Where does it hurt, she asked. My stomach is killing me I told her. I when did U last have a bowel movement?

Me: about 4 days ago.

She: U need a good soapy enema.

Me: oh no, I got one from my mom as a child, it hurt so awful, never again.

She: UR mom must’ve hung the bag too high, gave all my kids enemas & they never fussed over one. Why don’t U let me give U one, if it hurts I promise to stop it.

Me: No thanks as I collapse on the bed moaning in terrible pain.

She: UR getting an enema want it or not, as she unfastens & pulls down my pants down,

Licks her finger & sticks it right up my ass. UGH! Yes UR all compacted she says. I take care of this problem she says walking into the bathroom & preparing a large enema bag with soapy water & with a huge nozzle on the hose. In so much pain, i don’t care what she does & actually hoping she gives it to me. She strips me naked, hangs the bag, drugs me across her lap & shoves that big nozzle right up my ass hole, releases the clamp and I get a big rus of water going up my ass. After

A few minutes terrible cramps come, I’m screaming please stop, u promised U’d stop if it hurt. She: I lied, UR taking this whole bag, pain an all. the bag is empty, she pulls out the nozzle, I’m up running completely naked for the toilet, hearing her giggling & saying, happy shitting U big baby. As I’m cleaning myself up, she walks in with another full bag & says , get over my knee young man, this is to clean U out way up high.

Me: no please I’m fine now, thank U. Laughing she grabs my dick & forces me over her knee, plunging that huge nozzle up my ass again, opening the clamp, letting gushing hot soapy water Rush up my ass again. It’s not so painful this time, actually feels good.

She: UR not fusing this time, does it feel better this time, are U enjoying it. I always enjoyed one myself. Silence! She removes the nozzle saying, It’s all done U can go expel it now. After cleaning myself up, I walk up to her saying, are U going to give another plain water enema to rinse out the soap & stuff.

She: do U want me to give U another like that.

Me: yes please give me another, it feels so good. I’ll get it ready this time, ok mom, but U need to be very stun & force me to take it. I liked it that way. She forces me over her knee again, but this time she starts spanking me really hard as I wiggle trying to get up to no avail while she is still spanking me until tears run down my face.

Please stop, it hurts so bad I’m begging to deaf ears as she continues the unbearable spanking. Then she reaches under the counter for a ping pong paddle, bringing it down hard on my already very sore ass. She finally stops after several minutes, starts pulling my cock until I come in her hand, then she shoves the nozzle up my ass to start the hot cleansing enema up my ass. I start to expel the enema while she is jacking me off & sucking my cock right on the toilet.

She says, from now on I’m going to do all those things to U whenever I want to, is that understood?

Me: yes mame anytime U say so, because I just love it, now.

She: Now it’s my turn, I want U to do the same thing to me, no matter how hard I resist the spankings & enemas u just force me like I forced U. Now strip me, fill the bag & lets see how tough U can be eating my juicy pussy, spanking me & giving me several enemas, putting me in ecstasy?

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