Mother and Son - Wonderful Moments

by Shelia (NY)

Jim was smiling as he watched his mom standing there naked, talking on the phone. It was great to see his mom that way, and for him to be just as naked as she was.

She finished the call. “That was your father,” she said.

“Oh,” said Jim.

He could see that his mom was looking just a little circumspect and he supposed that he was, too. They had just finished fucking. His parents had been divorced for six month now, although they had separated a year before that.

Still, the fact that he and his mom were now having sex, and that had been his dad on the phone, made them just a little more aware of their shared intimacy.

Although it was silly to think that mothers and sons didn’t have sex. If anything this was a far more common occurrence than many people realized. It was considered a very desirable experience for a mother and son to share that intimacy.

“He was just calling to say that he was going to bring over some tax papers,” Sharon said. She added, “But not until this afternoon.” She smiled at her son. “So no rush.”

“That’s good,” Jim said and he smiled back at his mom.

They could feel relaxed about their being naked and that they didn’t have to hurry to get dressed.

His mom was attractive. She had deep blonde hair which reached to her shoulders, and that right then she had up and clipped back.

Her figure was shapely, with triangular-shaped breasts that sloped down and pushed out with thick cone-shaped nipples. For a natural blonde she was quite hairy, and she had a lot of long pubic hair which she was not in the habit of either trimming or shaving.

Jim once more felt his penis responding to his mom’s inviting nakedness. He never had any problem in getting an erection with her, and as he stood there it felt good to let his mom see his penis becoming stiff with arousal. This was truly a privilege that boys enjoyed having with their own mom.

She smiled admiringly at his physical development.

“Maybe,” she suggested, “we should take care of that.”

“Okay,” Jim said with an eager grin.

His mom had already had a very satisfying orgasm, but she was perfectly happy to let her son enjoy her vagina.

They went back into the bedroom and climbed on the still unmade bed. There she lay on her back and held her legs well apart. They did a small affectionate kiss on the lips and Jim sank his erection into his mom’s vagina, sliding it easily all the way in.

“Mmm …” she intoned with her son’s insertion, enjoying feeling his male presence in her.

“Oh, mom … it feels so good to be in you.”

“I’m glad that you like doing this with your mom,” she said, pleased that he did. For a mother this just completed the special bond between mother and son, and it was so wonderful to be physically open with her own son. She smiled. “I like it when you fuck me.”

“It’s great fucking you, mom,” Jim told her as the size and stiffness of his penis attested.

He started to slide his erection in and out of her, with his stiff organ plunging inward, with the soft, moist interior of her reproductive organ sexually holding and caressing his penis.

They looked at each other, maintaining the personal eye contact as their naked bodies pleasurably interacted. It was so wonderful being able to do that as they shared their closeness.

Quickly Jim felt the growing urgency building within in his male organ as his mother’s sexual passage encouraged.

Then, still looking into his mother’s eyes, he was ejaculating.

“Uh …” he moaned under his breath as the semen pulsed from his erection.

“Ohhhh …” she breathed as she looked up at him, and that for a second time that morning was feeling his sperm filling her vagina.

They both moaned and gasped and tensed as their fucking brought them together as close and as intimately as they could be and nothing felt better or more satisfying.

Then they sighed and smiled at one another with a shared knowing that was like no other and that this was something that only a mother and son could experience. For him to take his penis all the way in his mom and for her to let him do that.

It was just the most wonderful thing.

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