Mother and Son Thoughts

by Ron (WA)

It was sort of funny, because when my mom and I started having sex, it wasn’t like this really big deal.

She was forty-two and I was twenty-two. She had been divorced from my dad since I was eighteen, and at that time I wasn’t seeing anyone. I had ended a relationship about six months before.

My mom and I had always gotten along and we were close in just an average mother-son way. Because neither of us were seeing anyone, we started spending some more time together and that was great.

Actually, like I said, I had just ended a relationship with a girl I had been seeing for about a year, and my mom really wasn’t interested in dating or becoming involved in any sort of a serious relationship.

I was over at my mom’s house one afternoon, and we were in the kitchen together. I don’t know why exactly, but we were both feeling in this sort of teasing and playfully affectionate mood. We just were.

I remember she was standing at the sink, and I went up behind her and nuzzled her neck. It tickled and she laughed and turned around, and we hugged. Then my mom gave me this amused look and asked if I wanted to cuddle. I said, sure. Then she said how maybe we should go into her bedroom where it was more private.

My mom was barefoot and she got on the bed and ginned at me. I took my shoes off and joined her. We looked at one another and we both smile, enjoying this.

My mom has dark brown hair and a thin figure. She’s good looking, but also maybe a bit plain. And me, I’m just average. My hair is brown, not real short, but not long, either. I have an average build.

Anyway, my mom and embraced and held each other and then we both sort of just laid back on the bed while we were doing this. My mom looked at me again and I looked at her, and we carefully did some very small kisses on the lips. Usually we didn’t really kiss on the lips, so this was special.

Then I nuzzled her neck again, and this time it wasn’t so ticklish and she liked it.

She looked me again in a rather serious way and said how maybe we should take our clothes off. It was very simple and straightforward, so we did that.

In just a moment more we were naked together on the bed, and it didn’t feel embarrassing, but just nice.

We did a few more small kisses and we touched and caressed each other, and I felt and kissed her breasts and sucked on her nipples and started to get an erection. She held and caressed my erection.

Then I climbed on top of her and pushed my erection into her vagina. There was no surprise. We both knew that this was what we were going to do. I remember that it was just this really good feeling moment of our actually doing that together.

We fucked for about five minutes. Doing that in a very relaxed and enjoyable way. My mom had an orgasm, sort of a quiet one and then I ejaculated in her. We looked at each other in this shared appreciation of what we had just done together.

It wasn’t surprising or shocking, but just very nice. We had both thoroughly enjoyed it. There was no soul searching and neither of us felt guilty or ashamed. If anything, we both felt proud and pleased.

That was two years ago, and my mom and I have continued to be lovers and we both enjoy this. I know that lots of mothers and sons experience sex together, and this seems to be becoming a much more common occurrence.

I believe that for most it is very enjoyable and wonderful being that close. There is nothing wrong with this consensually taking place between a mother and an adult son.

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