Mother And Son Opportunities

by Victoria (WA)

Janet was not quite sure how she and her son had started having sex. Except that she was divorced, and he was nineteen, and somehow they had found the teasing enticement of their doing that too tempting to resist.

She had moved to Seattle shortly after the divorce, to a nice house with a view of the ocean, and Josh had come with her, and they had happily settled into their new life.

With it just being the two of them, it had been easy to feel closer than they had, and to enjoy being more openly and playfully affectionate with one another. To the point where they both enjoyed the allure of being more intimate as mother and son.

Now they quite happily had been and this had been going on for over a year. The two of them often companionably walked naked around the house, enjoying the pleasure and the freedom of doing that, and that this allowed their love making to be more frequent than it otherwise might have been.

If it had been only limited to breathless moments in the dark, then their sex would have felt more like some guilty function to be ashamed of. This way, it was a celebration of openness and of their closeness and how wonderful it felt to let it show how much they enjoyed it.

That morning Janet was lying naked on the bed as her son was being sexually indulgent with her.

They smiled at one another as her vagina continued to engage his stiff penis.

“It feels wonderful to have my son fuck me,” she said, delighting in being able to say this to him in such a direct and forthright manner.

“It feels good to fuck you, mom,” Josh told her, feeling prideful as his penis was pushed down into the hairy crease between his mom’s legs, and into her vagina.

Right then they were just leisurely and lovingly fucking for fun. It was pleasurably unhurried and without gasping lust. But rather taking the time to thoroughly appreciate and enjoy the fact that they could do this together as mother and son.

These days, according to all studies, mother and son sex was definitely on the rise and for good reason. People were more open about sexuality, and more mothers were divorced, which provided for more opportunities to have such interactions.

There was also the desire to experience being more personal in sexual moments and to have it be significant in ways which otherwise could not be achieved. Janet and her son had definitely discovered this for themselves after making love for the first time.

Admittedly, they had both been unsure as to how they would feel, especially afterwards, but the experience had proven to be exhilarating and they had both been elated. Her being able to have an orgasm with her son, and his being able to ejaculate in her had been so perfect.

“Ooo … I think I’m going to come …” Janet said as she felt her urge building in a slow and wonderful way. When it happened she squeezed her eyes shut and savored her climax.

“Ooo … Ooo … Ooo …” she moaned softly, the spasms being slow and gentle and satisfying.

Josh was glad to see his mom having such a pleasant and thoroughly pleasurable orgasm.

“Mmm … Mmm … Mmm …” she murmured. “I love being fucked like this,” she breathed, holding her arms around her son.

As she finished, Josh continued to gently fuck her, thoroughly enjoying being in his mom’s vagina.

Then he ejaculated. The semen repeatedly pulsing from his erection with the desirous satisfaction that he was putting his sperm into his own mom. It was such a privilege to be able to do this.

“Uhhh … uhhh …” Josh moaned.

Their sexual culmination was so good, and achieving it with one another just made it that much better.

Once more it was wonderful morning of mother and son sharing.

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