Mother and Son Moments

by Jacee (NY, NY)

Jena was sitting naked on top of her son, leaning back, with her legs apart, leisurely working his erect penis in and out of her hairy vagina.

“Ooo … that’s nice,” she said, enjoying not only how good this felt physically and sexually, but just the fact that she could be doing this with her son.

Derrick was watching his penis sliding smoothly back and forth through his mom’s vaginal lips, pushing up into her.

He loved doing this with his mom. It was so special and he felt privileged to be nakedly intimate like this with her, to have his penis in her vagina. For mothers and sons it was like that, of course, so satisfying to share such a physical experience together.

Jena murmured with the pleasing stimulation. “Oh …” she breathed, the fullness of her breasts heaving slightly, “I know that I shouldn’t be fucking my own son.”

“I know, mom, “Derrick said, well aware of this. “But t feels so good.”

“It does,” she confessed. “I just love doing it with you. I love having my son’s penis in me.”

“I love being in you … being in my mom’s vagina,” he said somewhat breathlessly as he felt her wet organ caressing his sexual stiffness.

She had only been separated from his father for two months, but during just that time the mother and son bond which had always been a close one between them as it could be, had made the allure of their having sex seem like such a natural one to enjoy. Without embarrassment or need for seduction or anything untoward, they had fucked and fucked repeatedly, discovering how wonderful this was.

As she sat there astride like she was, with her legs well apart, Derrick could see his mom’s jutting clitoris at the apex of her vaginal folds and he could even see her pee hole, and that was so incredibly intimate, and his mom had no problem in being that nakedly revealing with him.

She enjoyed it and told him that she had never enjoyed being that way with even his father. Of course, at first, Derrick had been self-conscious and even almost embarrassed to let his mom see the impossibly huge erections that she gave him.

His boner curving rigidly up, with the veins showing along its length, and the head so enormously swollen that it was a smooth and shiny deep shade of purple-red. She had not, however, seen his boners as something obscene, but desirably male.

Now, their naked sexuality was something normal and routine between the two of them and they freely and openly delighted in this.

“Ohhh … if your father ever knew …” she said, only too aware of what consequences that would have.

“He won’t,” Derrick told his mom confidently. “Besides, it was his decision to leave … and I’m glad that he did.”

“Me, too,” she said without remorse. Her eyes were squeezed shut now and her breathing was becoming more rapid. “Oh … I’m going to cum!” she said.

Derrick watch as her fingers quickly rubbed the bulging appendage of her clitoris to bring her excitement to a swift climax.


She writhed and pushed down on his erection to get it up into her vagina as far as it could possibly go as she was sexually overwhelmed.

“Yeah, mom … yeah …” Derrick encouraged, wanting to see her being satisfied. It was wild getting to watch his own mom having an orgasm and to think that he was helping her to achieve that.

“Uhhhhh! Uhhhhhhh!” she panted helplessly. “Ohhhhhhhhh … Ohhhhhhh … Ohhhh …”

With excitement, Derrick suddenly felt the semen surge up through his inserted length, exploding out on powerful surges into his mom’s vagina, doing so again and again with an intensity that made his gasp.


Just the idea that he was giving his mom his sperm was the most intimate of all, and this was so exciting and so satisfying in a way which could only be experienced between a mother and son.

“Ohhhh … Ohhh … yeah … yeah …” Derrick breathed.

In a moment more they looked at one another with gratitude over sharing the reproductive act together as mother and son, even if without consequence of his impregnating her, and just symbolically being genetically combing, it was so telling and so special. Once or they had fucked and enjoyed it as only a mother and son could.

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