Mother And Son Moments

by Cindy (NY)

After the divorce, Brian and his mom being naked together just seemed like natural thing for them to do. It just felt good being open and close and personal like that as mother and son. She certainly enjoyed this and so did he.

He found the erections that he had with her to be extremely satisfying in a way which he had never experienced before. It wasn’t just lustful urge, but a prideful display of his feelings, letting is mom see his large stiff penis. And Barb delighted in seeing this, feeling an equal sense of satisfaction in finding that she could nakedly evoke this response in him.

That morning, as he laid on top of her, his hips moving up and down, and she felt his maleness sliding in and out of her accommodating vagina, she elated in being fucked like this by her son.

“Uh … honey” she moaned.

Brian smiled. He liked using his penis to please his mother, to feel his organ giving her such pleasure.

The naughty wet sounds were teasing as his boner repeatedly plunged inward, pulled back, and plunged in again and again, doing so in relaxed and unhurried manner.

She opened her eyes and looked up and smiled back at him.

With her son she thoroughly enjoyed using her vagina as a physical extension of her feelings in a way that she never had even with his father. Her clitoris was very erect and motivating her drive, and she felt her wetness dribbling down over her anal pucker as her son’s sexual stiffness repeatedly penetrated her.

‘Mmm …’ she murmured and squeezed her shut and held him close, concentrating on how good this felt.

‘Oh, mom ..’ Brian breathed, as he unashamedly fucked her.

Her murmuring grew louder and her breathing more rapid as he felt her sexual urge building. Then, deservedly, she was climaxing. The explosive tingle was overwhelming. She arched her back and was swept away by it.


Brian fucked her steadily through her orgasm to ensure that it was complete, giving her every inch of his rigid penis.

‘Yeah, mom … yeah ..” he said, encouraging her.

She struggled and gasped with abandonment.

Then relief came a moment later and she collapsed back onto the bed.

Eagerly Brain took his penis all the way deep inside of her. His erection pulsing again and again.

‘Oh … yes …’ she moaned, savoring the sensation of her son ejaculating his sperm into her.

Brian groaned with his throbbing wet release.

“Uh … Uh … Uh …”

His male spasms eased and he was left happily laying on top of his naked mother, still sexually connected to her in a way that felt so incredibly satisfying.

At last they opened their eyes and looked at one another with a shared sense of accomplishment that was so special between mother and son.

“Mmm … that felt so good,” she said, condoning their pleasurable use of the reproductive process to achieve this level of intimacy.

“Yes …’” Brian agreed.

It was not like they were in a state of romantic love, but of closeness and companionship that was warm and inviting to enjoy and share, as well as finding this to be an enticing and provoking thing to do with such mother and son intimacy not being so socially acceptable, even if it was not all together as uncommon as people might have believed.

They did a small kiss on the lips and Brian’s penis slipped wetly from his mom’s vagina.

“Ooo!’ she said as she then felt the substance of his semen, which had come out in abundance, begin to spill out, she wrinkled her nose playfully over this consequence of her being so thoroughly fucked.

Brian grinned back happily’

He climbed off of her and she sat up.

‘I know that we shouldn’t be doing this as mother and son,’ she remarked somewhat mindfully.

“Why?’ Brain teased.

“Because I’m your mom. And mom’s aren’t suppose to do things like this with their own son,” she chided mildly. She rolled her eyes. “If anyone knew … if your father ever found out…”

Brian smirked. “It would serve him right. I wish that he could walk in and see us doing it.”

Barb laughed, quite able to imagine the expression that would be on his father’s face. Shock, to be sure, and probably outrage to think that his son was sexually enjoying his mother.

Carelessly Brian said, “But I like doing it with you.”

“I like doing it with you, too,” she confessed and smiled at him. “I’ve never enjoyed sex more. It just feels so pleasing to be doing it with my son.”

As they sat there being nakedly companionable on the bed, Brian was not displeased to feel his penis starting to stiffen for a second time, as it did so easily with his mother.

She saw his organ sticking boldly up, its curved length and red mushrooming head attractively appealing.

“Again?” she said.

“Uh-huh,’ Brain replied.

She laid back and he climbed on top of her to re-insert his sexual organ into hers, and he started fucking her again. It was such a wonderful morning.

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