Mother And Son Loving Moments

by Cin (WY)

“Ooo … yeah!’ Susan said with a wanton look on her face, as her son fucked his hard dick in her wet vagina. “Give it to me! Just keep giving it to me!”

His mom was leaning up against the cabinet in the living room as Eric labored in his repeated insertions, thrusting his stiff male organ deep into her. He loved seeing his mom being sexually aggressive like this and taking care of her needs.

It had been just a few months after his parents had divorced that he and his mom had started doing this together. Like most guys, he had been surprised by his mom’s uninhibited physical abandonment and to see that side of her.

And although he had been surprised, he had also been delighted by her desire to be sexual with him. He wondered just how many guys got to do this with their own mom, and he suspected quite a few.

When it came to this sort of thing, you heard more about fathers fucking their daughters, and here was a definite stigma attached to that. Yet, there had long been a certain social acceptance for a son to be discretely taking of his mother’s needs and taking over his father’s duties, as it were. This allowed mothers to appear more chaste.

“Oh … your dick feels so good! Just keep fucking me!’ she breathed as she looked at him with an unashamed hunger.

“Oh … it feels good to be fucking you, mom,” Eric aid back with a fulsome pride.

Susan loved hearing her son telling her that.

She wrinkled her nose over the lustful wet sounds of his male organ going in and out of her well lubricated female organ, as she held her legs wide apart to easily accommodate him, and reveal her enormously enlarged clitoris.

They both moaned and grunted over their physical exertions as their sexual passion mounded.

In another moment her son was once more successfully making her have the orgasm that she so desperately wanted and need.


It was so wild watching his mother cum like that. Her eyes squeezed shut, her mouth open.


In that moment her naked body was being sexually overwhelmed.

Eric continued to fuck her while she climaxed, dutifully helping her to achieve a full release.

Then, just as she was finishing, he felt his boner reach the point of no return in her vagina and he was ejaculating deep inside of her.

“Uhhhh!” he grunted as his male liquid surged out and he once more enjoyed the pleasure of giving his mom his sperm.

“Oh … yeah! Yeah! Do it in me!” his mom panted. “Do it in me!”

Eric stood there with his stiff penis fully inserted into her vagina, letting his wet sexual energy pleasurably transfer into his mom.

When they finished, they could only both breathe a sigh of heartfelt relief and to savor how special their doing this together was.

“Oh, honey …” she said and swallowed. “I’ve never been loved so well like this in my life!”

Eric smiled, feeling the same way.

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