Mother and Son Lockdown and the maybe not so Unexpected

by Jill (NY)

During the recent Corona virus lockdown I invited my son to spend it with me, since my apartment is bigger than his.

We figured that it would be for about two weeks, although nobody was sure, and of course it lasted longer than that.

Like everyone in the city, we were quite nervous, as it was difficult not to be, and we were also very bored being cooped up day after day.

I believe, and as I recalled, that it was on the morning of the fifth day that I went to take a shower.

I opened the door a small crack after to vent the steam as I usually do, and my son happened to see me naked.

It was just one of those things.

He smiled and I smiled, and I didn’t feel embarrassed or mind his seeing me naked.

If anything I thought that it was sort of fun and nice.

So, feeling quite uninhibited, I simply walked out of the bathroom head-to-toe naked, saying how it was at least entertaining.

Actually I found it exciting and even exhilarating being naked like that in front of my own son.

Well he thought it was great, so I invited to joining me, which he did.

We both knew that this was probably something a mistake, because it so easily encourages both us to feel quite sexual.

In short order we fucked right there on the sofa in the living room.

It was so exciting doing that together as mother and son, and neither of us could believe it.

Having managed we just continued for the next four weeks, and I don’t think that either of us have ever fucked so much in our entire lives.

It was like neither of us could get enough of doing this together.

Our record was five times in one day.

Usually we managed to keep it down to just once or twice a day, it was just so thrilling doing this together as mother and son.

We had never even talked about doing something like this together, and we just your average mom and sin relationship.

Of course the lockdown has pretty much ended, but we have continued with no problem, and there is now talk of maybe another lockdown coming and this will be no problem for us, as we already know what we will be doing.

Yes, this is a real story, and for those out there who may think this something terrible.

I will tell them that I am pleased and proud to be having sex with my son and that they should go and live the lives that they want without brothering everyone else.

And I will say that in this age of COVID-19, life may well be short.

Something to think about before casting the first stone.

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