Mother and Son Come Up With A Plan

by Beryl (CA)

“Oh, I like that …” Beryl said.

She was on her hands and knees on the living room carpet and she and her son were doing it doggie style.

Peter smiled over his mom’s enthusiasm, as he looked down and watched his hard penis going smoothly in and out of her vagina. He could see her tight anal pucker too, and it was neat seeing his mom’s butt hole. It was so personal and added to their shared intimacy.

“Umm … this is nice, mom,” Peter told her, savoring how good it felt to be doing this with his mom.

His mother and father had divorced the year before, and the two of them had always had a close mother and son relationship. The idea of their being sexual together had seemed like a natural one, rather than something unthinkable.

For some mothers and sons it was just that way. The first time that they had done it together they had both been unsure, although any uncertainties had quickly given way to how wonderful being that intimate together had been.

Now they had sex and made love regularly and thoroughly enjoyed it and without any misgivings.

They were, however, both concerned about keeping their mother and son liaisons secret, thinking of the legalities of such illicit activity. Having no desire to be arrested should anyone find out, they had been discussing moving away to someplace where nobody knew them, and just living openly together.

That seemed like the perfect solution and the freedom of their doing that was very appealing. It really just seemed a matter of deciding where they wanted to live. They had talked about the west coast and perhaps living near the beach, which sounded very nice.

“Oh, mom …” Peter breathed as he continued to lovingly give her his penis, feeling her warm, soft and wet vagina enveloping his organ.

“Oh, Peter … I never thought that I would be enjoying this with my own son. It is just so special.” She drew in a breath. “I know that I should probably be embarrassed having my son sees how much I like to be fucked.”

“You don’t need to be embarrassed. I like fucking you. It feels so great to fuck my mom,” he told her.

“Does it?”

“Oh, yeah.”

Without modesty she reached her hand down and back to begin stimulating her clit as she was being fucked. Very quickly she pleasurably masturbated herself to an orgasm, which was only enhanced by the thrill of her son’s penis being in her.

“Oh! Oooo! Oooooo …” she moaned as her clitoris provided an unparallel throbbing pleasure that she could hardly stand.

Peter liked seeing his mother climaxing. That was an unbelievably intimate pleasure, too.

He felt it making the urgency in his erection go past the stopping point. He pushed his erection in deeply, as far as it would go.

“Uh!” he grunted as he ejaculated, feeling his semen pulsing out again and again with satisfaction. “Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!”

“Oh, yes,” Beryl said as she felt her son’s throbbing release taking place deep in her vagina. She had never experience such a thrilling intimacy as this before. Not even with his own father or anyone else. Before she had been married she had been quite sexually active.

And unknown to her son or her husband, she had managed two brief sexual flings which she had lustfully enjoyed. One with a man and another quite unexpectedly with woman. Her sexuality had just demanded that. Although now, with her son, her sexual appetite was completely satisfied and in a way which she had never known before.

When they both had finished, peter withdrew his no longer stiff penis.

They smiled at one another and kissed.

“I have been doing some checking,” she revealed. “And I think that I have found us a place. It’s in Oregon, and right on the coast.”

“Great,” Peter said enthusiastically. “When do we move?”

Beryl cringed just a little with uncertainty. “Next month? Or is that too soon?”

“Next month is fine with me,” Peter said, presenting himself as fully prepared.

“Of course,” his mom warned mindfully, “we will be living together.”

“We’re living together now,” Peter reminded, since that was what they were doing while he attended college. “Only we won’t have to worry about being arrested because we sleep in the same bed.”

Beryl smiled. “That’s true. But I guess it’ll be as husband and wife. I think that you had better start calling me Beryl instead of mom.”

“I think that I can do that,” Peter said proudly. “I love you, Beryl.”

“I love you too, Peter,” she said. “Let’s make the best of it.”

“I think that we’re already doing that.”

As a special note to the reader, yes, my son and I do live openly together in California and have happily been now for the last five years. Sometimes things do work out. I know, perhaps shocking for some who would disapprove and not understand, and something which would make perfect sense to others as love can and does.

I will tell you that, no, it is not the type of love that I felt when I first got married. I would describe it as a more mature type of love that brings with a great deal of satisfaction and comfort. My son, who was actually married and is now divorced as well, agrees.

So this story s for all of those mothers out there who enjoy the same thing.

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