Mother And Son And An Again Afternoon

by Janice (NY, NY)

“Oh, honey …” Joslyn said, lightly running her fingers through her son’s hair, looking at him, with him looking back at her, both of them smiling. Once more she enjoyed her nakedness with him, as she laid there with the contented satisfaction of having his sperm in her.

Jeffry had come over that afternoon, and the two of them had gotten naked right there in the living room and had intercourse on the sofa, which was not the first time that they had done that together. The room was bright and it was fun doing it in the open like that.

There was still that delicious sense of naughtiness over the fact that they were fucking as mother and son, which they both enjoyed. They had started doing this just a year after her divorce from his father. She and her son had always been close, so after the divorce the allure of their being intimate had been very enticing, to be sure.

The first time that they had done it, they had both been nervous and constrained, and performing the reproductive act together had been almost just functional, with him putting his penis in her vagina and ejaculating in her.

She had been too nervous to even have an orgasm, although she had found it very significant in a way that she liked, permissively letting her son fuck her. His father had not been the first, as she had several lovers before him. Yet, fucking had never been so excitingly personal as it was doing it with her son.

Very quickly after that first time, they became relaxed and loving, and now she looked forward to the very intense orgasms which she achieved with him. Jeffery found it very exciting as well as satisfying to be using his hard dick like that with her, to fuck his mother to the point of orgasm, and he loved seeing her having one. He loved seeing that look on her face as she lay there with him between her legs, his erect penis fully in her vagina, and to feel her climaxing beneath him.

It had been like that this afternoon. With his savoring the enjoyment of sliding his enormously stiff penis into her hairy folds, and feeling her soft wetness enveloping his organ, and hearing her moan a little when he was all the way in.

Then fucking his penis in and out of her, bring her arousal to a most satisfying conclusion before adding his semen to her excessive wetness, with his throbbing ejaculation putting his sperm deep within her reproductive organ. Even his doing so without consequence was nevertheless just as rewarding, especially in that he was doing this with his own mother.

Now the two of them were just lying there together on the limited space of the sofa, enjoying their shared nakedness on a sunny fall afternoon, pleased that they had just been lovingly intimate with one another.

Joslyn sighed. “I know that we shouldn’t be doing this together,” she said. “Fucking as mother and son.”

“Why? It’s so nice,” Jerry said without feeling any pangs of concern.

“Yes. It is,” she agreed. “That’s why I just can’t help myself. It’s so wonderful doing it with my son.” Her eyes looked at him. “It’s so special for a mother.”

“It’s special for a son, too,” Jeffry told her, knowing that it was. To be privileged to do this with his mother was very special, indeed.

“It’ just that if your father or anyone knew …”

“Some things are just private,” he said. He smiled just a little. “Like it is between a lot of mothers and sons.”

“Yes. I’m sure,” Joslyn said, aware that this was not exactly uncommon. Not in this day and age of more divorced mothers and with reliable birth control, as well as with changing attitudes which were geared more than ever towards personal satisfaction in what was becoming an increasingly impersonal world. As she had discovered herself, a mother engaging in intercourse with her son, was very rewarding both physically and emotionally.

The both smiled a kissed on the lips.

As they were lying here, Jerry became aware that he was getting another erection. Something which happened so easily with his mother.

“Oh-oh,” she said with a grin.

Joslyn saw her son’s penis presenting itself with a pleasing maleness. It’s curved stiff shape pushing up from his balls, with the smooth, broad mushrooming tip a shade of purple-red.

“Oh, no!” she exclaimed laughingly. “You’re not going to fuck me again, are you?”

Jeffry laughed, too. “I’m going to fuck you so good, mom!”

With the two of them joyously laughing, he climbed on top of her and they were doing it again.

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