Mother And Daughter Raped

by Liori (Texas's)

I'm a 40 year old wife have a young daughter my husband is on a hunting trip we are home we live on a new housing complex only one other house built here.

It's a Saturday night my daughter and I are watching a movie I'm wearing a bid t shirt panties my daughter has a skimpy outfit on we go to bed.

I hear a noise I get up go looking I see our back door open window broken I turn to call the police when I get grabbed by two guys wearing masks I screamed my daughter come down stairs to see what is going on then one guy grabbed her.

They drag us into the living room one guy noticed my daughter's skimpy outfit they say where's your bedroom I tell him upstairs they drag us upstairs into my bedroom one guy binds my hands behind my back they bind my daughter's hands behind her back.

They throw my daughter on the bed then they start cutting off her top exposed her breasts big size for her age they cut off her panties she is naked I see them take off there pants and stroking there cocks.

I say no please don't please I get back handed I'm barely conscious i can make out one guy sucking my daughter's breasts the other guy playing with her pussy i hear my daughter moaning.

I say no baby I get hit again the Hispanic guy puts his cock in my daughter's pussy she says it hurts oh please don't I'm a virgin then he thrusts into her I her, oh God it's so big oh God he fucked her hard.

I hear him say oh yeah he cums in her then the black guy started to fuck her i start getting wet watching my daughter get fucked she's moaning and growing he them cums in her then they take me to the bed they rip off my panties.

I watch my daughter sucking there cocks then the black guy opens my legs he entered me I'm so wet he fucked me hard and deep he cums in me the Hispanic guy fucked me cums in me then they have me bend over.

The black guy fucked my daughter doggy style the Hispanic guy is doggy me at the same time, her toy are swaying back and forth they cum in us again they throw us on the bed and one guy says let's have mom eat her daughter's pussy out.

He tells me to eat her pussy out I say no the black guy hits me so hard I'm dazed now bitch eat her out I move to my daughter they cut off my binds I see there cum dripping out of her pussy I started to kiss her pussy, open her lips I lick her clit I hear my daughter moan.

I nibble on it she starts to move her hips up and down I then start licking her pussy out oh yeah mom then i circle my lips and put it on her clit and suck she starts to shake moaning then huge cum flowing from her as I'm eating her out my plump ass I bent over then I get the black guy doggy me again.

I lean forward to suck on my daughter's breasts he fucked me so hard he came in me again my daughter and I are pregnant.

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