Mother and Daughter Moments

by Mimi (NV)

“Oh. Hi, mom,” Cindy said as she and Beth were lying naked together on the bed in her room, propped up against the pillows, smoking a cigarette.

Her mom stood in the doorway looking at the two of them with some surprise.

Cindy cringed, not expecting her mom to be back home. Not that early. And geez! There she and Beth were – naked!

Beth cringed, too.” Hi, Mrs. Martin,” was all that she could say.

“We we’re just … having a cigarette,” Cindy said.

“Yes. I can see that,” said Barbara. “Well … don’t burn the house down.” She drew in a breath and turned and left.

“Oh, gosh!” Beth said, absolutely devastated by the two of them being caught like that. “At least your mom didn’t go through the roof!”

“No,” Cindy said, suffering the same sinking feeling that her friend was. She supposed that was at least something to be thankful for. That her mom had been so calm.

Beth stubbed out her cigarette in the ashtray that was on the bed between them and got off the bed to retrieve her clothes and started to hastily get dressed. She pulled on her top and her jeans and then slipped her feet in her sandals. It was summer and she could get dressed quickly. She was grateful for that.

When she had her clothes on, she looked at her friend. “I don’t think that I should stay.”

“No. Probably not,” Cindy agreed.

She put out her cigarette too and got off of the bed to go to the door with her friend.

As Beth started downstairs, Cindy’s mom just happened to be right there. Beth wanted to die.

“I’ll see you later, Mrs. Martin,” Beth said hurriedly and headed for the door without looking back.

Cindy saw her mom looking up at her.

“Um …” Cindy said, not knowing what she could say. She crept to the top of stairs, doing so awkwardly. “I didn’t think that you would be home this early.”

“Obviously,” her mom said.

Cindy felt compelled to try and explain, to give some sort of explanation, although nothing sounded good. She started down the steps. “We were …”

“I know. Having a cigarette,” said Barbara.

Cindy found herself at the bottom the steps, her hand sort of nervously gripping the smooth wooden railing. “We’re not lesbians,” she said, knowing that was what her mom was no doubt thinking.

Barbara gave her daughter something of a mom smirk. “I’m sure that you’re not,” she said and started to turn to head into the kitchen.

Cindy impulsively followed after her.

“We’re not … really,” Cindy insisted.

Unexpectedly her mom gave her something of an amused look. “There’s nothing wrong with two friends having a bisexual moment,” she said. “I don’t have a problem with that.”

“Oh,” said Cindy.

“I’m more concerned about the two of you smoking.”

“You smoke,” Cindy said. “Well … you used to,” she then had to add, knowing that her mom had quit six months ago.

“Yes. And I’m about to take it back up.” This time she gave her daughter a thoroughly amused smirk and rolled her eyes. “Coming home and finding my daughter and her friend naked … and smoking. And now … standing here talking to my naked daughter.”

“Oh,” Cindy said and she blushed just a tiny bit, remembering that she was. She grinned a bit sheepishly. “Well, it’s just the two of us,” she reminded. Her parents had divorced a year before and now it was just her and her mother.

“Do you have some cigarettes upstairs?” her mom asked.

“Yes,” Cindy answered.

“Well, would you mind going and getting me one? I feel like I want one.”

Cindy smiled. “Sure.”

She hurried off and returned quickly with the pack of cigarettes, a lighter and the ashtray, still just as naked.

Her mom tapped on a cigarette and lit it.

“I’m sorry,” Cindy spoke up. “I’m making you smoke again.”

“Don’t be,” her mom assured. “Frankly I wasn’t all that happy not smoking.”

She regarded her daughter’s nakedness. Cindy was cute. She had short orange-red hair, was small breasted, with two darker, plump rosy nipples, and had an ample of wispy orangey-tinted sandy pubic hair. She looked nice naked and actually quite comfortable about the fact that she was.

“Are you going to get dressed for dinner tonight or just stay naked?’ Barbara questioned, finding her daughter’s bareness diverting.

“Ooo … that would be nice,” Cindy laughed with a girlish enthusiasm over the idea.

‘Well, it’s fine with me,” her mom told her. She drew on her cigarette. “I might just have to start being naked around the house, too.”

“That could be fun,’ Cindy said encouragingly, “being naked together.”

Her mom gave her a somewhat dubious look over the suggestive implications of that.

“Mmm. Like daughter like mother?” she remarked.

“Well … “ Cindy responded innocently. “It is just the two of us. I won’t tell Beth or anyone.”

“I would hope not. That sort of thing is private … especially between a mother and daughter.’

“It’s a nice way for a mother and daughter to be close, though,” Cindy said.

Barbara smiled. “It certainly could be.” She then smiled. “I suppose that I could take my clothes off … and we could have a cigarette together?”

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