More First Aid

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

Getting more deeply intimate with my Mum brought to the surface some of her most secret desires, some I couldn't believe Mum harbored and unrequited. We were together in her bed one morning after the younger kids had gone to school, we had already fucked energetically as soon as they had gone and were now lazily savoring our bodies becoming normal and temporarily sated.

Mum threw an arm across me and got her leg between mine to lay half on me, she felt so soft, warm and cuddly and I draped an arm across her shoulders, she sighed softly.....

"Baby, you do love me don't you, I mean in spite of what we are doing?2

"Mum, sweetheart, how could I not love you, as your son but now also as your lover, I mean we don't just Fuck, we make Love in a beautiful way."

"Yes we do don't we. I love feeling you inside me, your body back inside mine, it feels absolutely right and well as very very naughty and taboo."

She was right of course, it was all of that but it was more an uncontrollable lust for me, I constantly wanted to be locked deep inside her hot soft wetness, feeling her humping back at me, or else getting her to kneel while we fucked doggy style. At times it felt that when I came, my orgasm sent long spurts of semen flooding into her making her groan softly and clench as hard as she could to try keeping me dog locked in her cunt.

I know Mum had had a coil fitted after my young brother was born as three kids had been deemed enough by her and Dad, so my spunk was just the dressing on me and Mum's activities.

"D'you have any secret kinks or fetishes Babe?

Mum's question stumped me for a'moment before I blurted out that I loved knicker sniffing and messing with a dildo, and that I,d worn female undies once or twice with a like minded guy and did some cock sucking and wanking together.

Mum was silent for a minute before she whispered if I'd had full on sex with this other guy and did we do bum fucking with each other. I told her NO, which was true but the thought of anal sex was a big turn on. I asked Mum in return what her secret desires or fetishes were, if any That opened the box for both of us......

Shyly, Mum whispered that she loved her pussy being licked but that she had a secret yen for a tongue to go further and lick her bum hole. As she said this she put her hand over her eyes and giggled, then she added that she had hoped that Dad would do it even take the next step. She didn't finish saying what I knew she meant and that was for Dad to penetrate her gorgeous plump arse and fuck her.

My cock stirred and started to bloat. Then Mum hit me with her Piece de Resistance.....

"I've got a dildo darling, a big realistic one your dad bought for me a few years ago, I used to use it when he was away....but now I've got You and that big thing I can feel on my thigh, you naughty boy."

Mum laughed softly when I pushed her off me and onto her back. Wantonly she spread her soft full pale thighs to expose her slightly splayed pussy. Like a Falcon swooping on its prey,I went down on my Mum, fixing my mouth to her pussy like a Limpet on a rock. I gave her what she wanted, licking her pussy until she was creaming and oozing grool that drooled sluggishly into the cleft of her arse which left the way clear for me to tongue fuck her pulsing anus which had her squeaking delightedly and pulling her chubby arse cheeks as far apart as she could.

Mum was certainly NOT ready when I totally lost it and while she was soaking up the oral attention when I threw caution to the wind, got myself in position and very slowly pushed my swollen knob head firmly against the heavenly portal. Mum then realised what was going to happen but simply looked at me with eyes blazing, mouth agape and gasping brokenly.

She wailed and tried pushing me away when I pushed firmly into her arsehole them screamed into the palms of her hands when I burrowed deeply, all the way until she was engulfing the full thick bulk of my invading phallus. I fucked Mum's arse royally, pistoning slowly in and out until she was moaning and lifting to me. But I had to go the other step forward. As I felt about to cum I eased out of her anal tightness and straddled her chest. She looked up at me bug eyed and breathing hard, I gasped at her to open her mouth, no sooner did she obey that my dick was in her mouth and I was fairly cascading streams of thick warm spunk, which she had no choice but to swallow.

When it was over, Mum lay full length on me kissing me passionately.....

"Thank you..thank you..thank you my own dear darling Son, you have made your Mum a very happy lady, you made me feel so wanted, wanton, desirable, desired, lusted after, a slut, a slag, a whore, the whole dirty filthy. forbidden, taboo scenario, incestuous but deliciously lubriciously happy my own lovely darling. I've never tasted cum before either, so that was terrific..........I just might play with you and my dildo to see how you lie taking on the female role, you dirty naughty, horny Ram.

And she did.

But that's another interlude.

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