Mom's Window of Opportunity

by Joyce (WI)

The window in the bedroom was fairly high up but provided a splendid view of the rest of the condo complex. Krista just hoped that no one could see her and her son fucking. Although, in a way she did find the idea that someone might see them to be thrilling.

It actually increased her sexual arousal all that much more, if that was possible, as she laid there feeling her son’s rigid male organ sliding in and out of her excessively wet vagina.

“Oh, David … David …” she panted, moving her hips with his.

“Mom …” David said just as breathlessly.

“I’ve never been fucked like this before,” she said. “It just feels so good doing it with you.”

“I like fucking you, mom,” David told her with a heartfelt passion. Although just how big and stiff his erection was testified to that.

It was early morning, before she went off to work and he went to his classes at the college. They often did it in the mornings at this time. It was a great way to start their day.

His parents had divorced a year before, and during that time he and his mom had found the allure of being intimate as mother and son so enticing. The first time they had fucked they had been unsure, but their enjoyment had been guaranteed by the excitement and pleasure of doing it together, just as so many mothers and sons discovered.

“Oh, honey… oh, God!” she said as her levels of sexual passion were being brought closer and closer to her climaxing. And there she was, lying there naked on the just beneath the window, lustfully engaging her son as he lay between her legs, thrusting his penis in and out of her.

The thought of someone seeing her being fucked like this excited her unbelievably. And that it would be someone seeing her permissively letting her son be in her pussy like this, was incredible. It just made her feel so naked and wildly sexual.

“Oh, God! You’re going to make me cum!” she gasped. “AHHHHH!!! AHHHHHHH!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!”

David loved fucking his mom to an orgasm, of feeling his hard penis makes her writhes on the bed in near-sexual torment.

“Oh, God! Now do it in me!” she gasped. “Oh, please do it in me! Oh, Please!”

David did another dozen decisively strokes into his mom’s wet sexual breach and then his erection pulsed again and again deep inside of her.

“UHHHH!!!” He groaned as his semen filled her vagina with a fulfilling nakedness that they both found so desirable. Although he wouldn’t get her pregnant, the fact he was giving her his sperm was so significant for a son to do to his mother. “Oh, mom … mom …” he grunted.

“Oh, yes, David! Oh honey … yes … that feels so good!”

This left them both gasping for breath, each wiped out by the intensity that their sexual liaisons always produced.

“Ohhh …” she sighed and she smiled and laughed. “I’ve never enjoyed having sex so much as I do with you, David. Thank you.”

“Thank you, mom,’ David said and they shared a kiss.

Both of them truly appreciated being able to do this together as mother and son. There was nothing better.

“Oh, and just think … tomorrow is Saturday. We can fuck all day!” she laughed.

“I’m looking forward to it, mom.”

Krista climbed off the bedroom to head to the bathroom, slipping past the window and liking just how good it felt to be so naked and free, especially with her son.

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