Mom's Toes

by Anonymous

Jim had stopped by his mom’s house that morning, mostly just to say hi. The two of them were close, and after his parents had divorced when he had been eighteen, it had just been his mom and him. Jim, like a lot of guys, had been at that age, and he had developed a little bit of an infatuation with his mom.

She was blonde and trim and quite good looking. She was also in the habit of going barefoot around the house and this was something which Jim had found very appealing and sexy. Of course he felt a little self-conscious having thoughts like that about his own mom, but he had them nevertheless. Then, as he got older, his infatuation faded.

That morning they were sitting together in the kitchen having coffee. His mom had on flip-flops, showing off her bare feet and red painted toenails, and Jim found his infatuation reawakened just a little. When she saw him looking at her feet she smiled and asked, “Like that?”

Jim blushed, of course. “Well … “ he said self-consciously, “you have nice feet.”

She looked pleased. “I’m glad that you think so.”

Bravely Jim remarked, “I always thought that it was sexy seeing you go barefoot around the house.”

“Oh,” she said and looked amused to hear this.

He definitely blushed. “I don’t know if boys are supposed to think tings like that about their own moms,” he confessed a bit sheepishly.

“There’s nothing wrong with that,” she assured. She grinned and added, “Mom’s doesn't mind having their sons thinking that their sexy. It’s kind of nice.”

Jim smiled modestly and was glad that she was so open-minded.

Playfully she poked her bare toes at his leg. “Does it turn you on?” she teased.

“Um … well … sort of,” he confessed.

“Ooo,” she said. “Maybe I should have you wet my toes.”

Jim’s mouth dropped open in surprise. “You mean …”

“Well …” she responded innocently, “no one would know. It might be fun. I would like that.”

“Geez!” he said and grinned and blushed some more, and he couldn’t believed that his mom was saying this.

She laughed. “It’s just a little harmless fun. You could just …” She made a male-masturbation gesture with her hand.

“You mean … just take it our and …” Jim swallowed.

“No one would see. And like I said, no one would know.”

“Geez!” Jim repeated.

“Oh, go ahead. It’ll be fun,” she coaxed. “I’ll just sit here and you can do that.”

Jim hesitated. Obviously his mom was being perfectly serious.

“I … I guess I could.”

He got up and went down on his knees on the smooth floor. Slowly he started to open his jeans, revealing his penis, which was not entirely soft. Taking a hold of it, his penis quickly became erect.It was exciting having hat happen in front of his own mom.

“Oh, that’s a nice one!” his mom complimented, looking down at her son’s stiff, red erection. She looked delighted by the sight.

Jim began to stroke his male organ, the head bulging and red.

“Ohhh …” he said, feeling the excitement building in his stiff length.

His mother sat there with her feet together, watching as he stroked his penis over them.

In a moment more Jim gasped and he ejaculated. His white semen squirted out from his enormously hard dick in half a dozen pulses which spilled over his mom’s bare toes and feet and the straps of her red flip-flops.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” Jim panted with his ejaculating surges, as his semen shot out again and again.

Then he finished and he sighed and looked down at his sperm-filled male liquid covering his mom’s bare feet. It was so great! It was so exciting!

“Oh … that was nice!” his mom said. She looked just a little breathless and wide-eyed and now aroused. ‘You know, maybe … we could go into the bedroom.”

“Okay, mom,” Jim said.He had no doubt that he could get another erection and very quickly.

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