Mom's Surprise

by Erin

Mom’s Surprise

Hello my name is Lucy, I’m forty years old and in great shape, working out of the gym four or five time a week and have a wonderful story to tell. My husband and I with our son, drove up checking out the campus our son thought he would like to attend come fall. College our son chose was of a small town and had to go the extra step, enticing students to come. My husband or I thought we’d have a problem finding motel and by the time the day was done, there only one room with king-size bed was available. We could have driven on to a larger city but with husband claiming so tired and I agreed. Our son had no problems sleeping three of a bed.

By the time I was showered, my husband was sound asleep and snoring. Laughed asking Joey to help me get him to the bed. An older man I’d married, close to twenty years older than I, still love him dearly though he is past his prime. Climbed in beside my husband in my PJ’s as Joey went to shower, leaving my son to sleep to the outside of the bed, with me between the two. Turned away from my husband’s snoring, saw Joey come to the bed in only a pair of boxers which I knew was his preferred, way to sleep.

Pulling a pillow over my head to drown out husband with my butt was up against my son, tried poking husband to roll over and quite. Soon I felt my son’s cock hardening, I just lay there not knowing what to do, I could have poked Joey to roll over but it been some time, since I’d had cock. Harder and harder Joey’s cock grew up against my warm butt and I realized he was much bigger, than his father. Here came my downfall, I’d never cheated on my husband though of late I’d been thinking, a girl has a need.

Lying there and neither of us making a move, my pussy became wet needing what, I hadn’t had. I pushed down my panties and PJ bottoms, Joey feeling my naked skin reached down and shoved his massive hard cock between my legs. Raised my leg allowing my son to enter my wet, hairy pussy, a loud moan and sigh escaped my lips. Never had cock which felt so fanatic, began an orgasm lasting throughout Joey fucking me from behind, taking long slow strokes, not to wake his dad.

Pussy gushing as never before I wanted a good hard fucking but feared to wake my husband. Unbuttoning my PJ top I reached for Joey’s hand bringing naked breast. My tits not overly large have held up well and as Joey rolled my nipples of his finger and thumb, my pussy blew up of an orgasm, like I’ve never known. Biting the corner of the pillow, muffling the screams I wanted to let out, I knew within the instant, somehow, some way, I was going to eat my son’s cum.

Joey reaching depths of his mother’s pussy, no other ever reached or his cock was just plain magical, touching zones I hadn’t known existed. Joey fucked me for a good thirty minutes before blowing his load deep of his mother’s pussy. A load felt so deep and wondrous, I held Joey in place, not allowing him to pull out. Not wanting Joey to feel any remorse, I didn’t move until I felt Joey’s cock begin to soften. Thinking of the size of the load Joey deposited in his mother’s pussy, I made sure Joey didn’t roll away and rolled to him. Kissed Joey as I never had, not a motherly kiss but of a lover, as I reached for his huge cock.

“You are the best Mommy has ever had,” I whispered curling my body around and down, taking Joey huge cock of my mouth. Cum soaked cock tasted so fanatic, I kissed, loving and sucking, until Joey completely hardened again. Up facing Joey I threw a leg over starting his massive cock back in my pussy, kissing with our tongues battling we lay together with Joey ever so gently fucking his mother’s pussy, not to create movement of the bed waking his father.

On and on Joey fucked and I knew this could not end here, whispered to Joey ear, I wanted to fuck him forever more. Felt Joey nod his head, yes. Joey and I fucked until he came three times in his mother’s, well fucked, hairy pussy. Joey whispered of loving his mother’s pussy hairy, he spoke of peeking at me when showering, spoke of my tits and wanting to fuck me for so long.

Pull up my PJ’s and slept the most restful night I have ever slept, didn’t wake until my men came back into the our room, carrying breakfast. Famished I was, don’t know if I have ever been so hungry, smiling to both and would swear I saw a glimmer in my son’s eye. Before reaching home my husband asked our son for his thoughts. Joey answered with he’d rather stay close to home and the local university, perfectly delighting his mother.

You know where my mind was, I had no remorse of fucking my son with my husband of the same bed and couldn’t wait to be alone with Joey. It’s been two years now and Joey and I fuck as often as we can. I absolutely love watching his huge nine inch cock fucking in and out of his mother’s hairy pussy. Often I tell him how beautiful his cock makes me feel, when he is fucking me so and the very first thing I did when we were alone was to let him see me, eating his cum and not wasting a drop of. Joey can get it up so many times.

I don’t deny my husband. I love cock and cum, other than watching Joey fucking his mother’s hairy pussy, sucking cock and eating cum is my second choice. Husband enjoys much jerking off in my mouth, which doesn’t happen often anymore but who am I to complain. Eat Joey’s cum quite often, sucking his cock, cleaning him up to my pleasure, makes Joey ready for more fucking of his mother. Joey tells me he loves not only me but our relationship, he doesn’t after to worry, if he is loved and can concentrate on his studies.

Still I work out all I can, keeping my body in shape, want Joey fucking his mother as long as he wants. I’ll never say no to him. Only limits I put on Joey is getting pregnant, don’t want anything interfering with the life I have now. Often suck husband’s cock of the mornings, until he is ready to finish, by jerking into my mouth. Telling him I get off on it which I do, don’t want him feeling, he’s not keeping me satisfied. A wonderful life I have.

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