Mom's Story

by Anonymous (Arizona, USA)

My mom in her mid-40s, and me in late 20s have this incredible relationship for the past 5 yrs.

I could guess she is sex starved as my step dad has ED problem.

We fuck at least twice a week in various positions whenever we get opportunity - always behind his back and secretly.

Last time he was out with his friends to spend the weekend, may be on gay ventures!

Mom and I had the ample time to fuck and Fuck and FUCK.

Soon after he left, we started warming up each other in foreplay. We had supper early and confined ourselves in my bedroom.

We both were too horny and I was ready for her in the bed. She came on the bed and smiled, quickly straddled my hips.

She lifted my cock off of my stomach and guided its head to her wet opening spreading wide the pussy lips with fingers and lowered herself, impaling herself on my hard rod.

"OMG, that feels so damn good", she moaned as she started churning and grinding her pussy against the base of my cock.

"I saw your bulge almost whole day and surely I sex was on your mind."

"Damn right it was, you're a very sexy and foxy bitch in heat." she loves dirty words sometime!!

Mom started to move back and forth massaging my hard throbbing cock within her warm juicy cunt picking some speed.

I slowed her down a bit as I wanted to relish the warmth of her pussy, it felt so good.

As she slowly fucked me, she stroked and pinched my nipples, sending a series of tingles into me. In turn I kept on massaging her tits and tugging on her engorged nips from time to time.

"God, I can't hold back any longer," she squirmed.

"Go for it, slut fucking cunt," I replied.

I was near to my own climax as she dropped down onto my chest and began to tremble and shook and clinched my cock with her pussy muscles.

"uummmm, nuhhhh, MMMMMMMMM, OOOHHHuh!" she cried as she orgasmed.

I climaxed as I wrapped hard her waist with my arms.

She must have felt my cock swell and the sensation of my spurting hot semen hitting against her cervix sent shaking convulsions all over her body!!

She held me tight with her arms around my neck, as I was humping her rather roughly to turn her totally spent.

Finally, mom rolled to my side, making sure she clenched her pussy to keep his semen inside her, remembering that I some time love to suck her clean. But I took some tissue-papers to clean her off as the night is still young for more.

"God, that was the best sex I've ever had or quite sometime," she said after she had calmed.

The lingering cum-filled aroma of our bodies will be a turn on for us both in the next sessions.

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