Mom’s Pregnant Dilemma

by Lonnie (OR)

Cody’s mom was six months pregnant and it was really starting to show. She was also thirty-eight years old and really upset and mad at his father. His parents had not gotten along for some time, as Cody was aware, and for his mom this was like the last straw.

She had not wanted to get an abortion, though, so this was the alternative, to have the baby. At nineteen, Cody understood and he could sympathize with his mom, and he was trying himself to get used to the idea that soon he would have a baby brother or sister.

Cody was passing by the door to his parent’s bedroom. It was open and he saw his mom standing there nude and looking quite pregnant. Susan did not looked particularly embarrassed that he was seeing her naked. She merely smirked and rolled her eyes over her pregnant condition.

Cody grinned. “You look nice, mom,” he said, meaning it as a compliment.

“Yeah,” she said, hardly believing that. “Not very sexy, though, huh?”

His mom’s belly was curving our and her breasts were becoming larger and her nipples were becoming quite sizable and dark, protruding out in two thick points. “I don’t know … I think you look sexy,” he said.

“Sexy enough to make love to your mother?” she teased in an offhand way. She threw in, “Believe me I’m in the mood, but not with your father.”

Cody grimaced over his mom’s understandably angry attitude.

“Um …yeah,” Cody said delicately.

“It’s just my hormones,” Susan said.

“What? Being in the mood?” Cody questioned.

“I know. Silly, isn’t it … in my condition.”

“It’s not silly,” Cody offered, trying to be supportive.

“At least I can’t get any more pregnant,” his mom remarked.

“No. I suppose not,” Cody agreed.

“So … if you want to do it with your mom …” Susan mentioned in a demure way.

“You mean … have sex?” Cody was surprised.

“We just won’t tell your father,” she said, being entirely practical about it. She smiled as if enjoying this idea.

Cody was hesitant, not sure just how serious his mom was being. “Do you really want to do it?”

“Yes,” she said. “And quite badly.”

“I … I guess we could,” said Cody hesitantly.

His mom gave him something of an eager look.

It was morning and his dad had left for work, and it was just the two of them. Cody supposed that they would be safe enough and not get caught.

“Okay,” he said.

His mom sat on the bed and watched as he got undressed. He was just wearing a t-shirt and jeans, and was barefoot, so it only took him a moment to get his clothes off. Then he was as naked as she was and he felt a little self-conscious. Yet, since his mom was naked, it seemed a reasonable arrangement.

As he stood there, he felt himself starting to get an erection. His penis stiffen quickly and pushed upright in a visible display. He blushed modestly, although it was also exciting to be having a boner with his own mom.

“Mmm … that looks nice,” she complimented, observing his naked maleness with delight.

Cody stepped over to the bed and his mom reached out to take a hold of his boner to hold and fondle its masculine shape. Then, without a word, she leaned forward to take into her mouth. Cody stood there, surprised and felt her warm wet mouth engulf his stiff organ. Her head went up and downs several times and Cody could hardly believe that his mom was sucking on his dick.

She then pulled her mouth away and gave him a pleased look as she laid back on the bed.

Cody smiled and proceeded to get on his knees between her spread legs. Taking a hold of his erection, he guided the no thoroughly swollen head into her soft hair folds and into her vaginal opening. She was wet and he slid in easily.

“Ooo … that’s nice,” she said with a look of pleasure on her face.

Cody could hardly believe that he had his penis in his mom’s vagina.

Slowly and gently he started to go in and out.

“Oh … Oh, that feels so good,” Susan told him, drawing in a breath.

Cody looked down, fascinated to see his erection doing that, sliding back and forth through his mom’s vaginal lips. As he did she brought a hand down to begin masturbating herself, rubbing her bulging clitoris at the apex of her folds.

“Ohhhhh …” she breathed and closed her eyes. “Ohhhhhh …. Ohhhhhhh …”

Cody was not at all used to seeing his mom being sexual, and her she was, naked and pregnant and being about as sexual as a woman could possibly get.

“Ohhh … just keeping fucking me,” she said.

Cody did, fucking his boner in and out of her wet vagina as he could see her arousal increasing.

“Oh … Oh … Oh …” she panted and her fingers moved faster over her extended clitoris. Between the stimulation of his penis moving in her vagina and the stimulation she was appealing to her pleasure organ she started o have an orgasm. “OH1 OH! OH, yes! OH …Oh … Oh …Oh … OH!”

Cody was amazed to see his mom climaxing and the look of sexual pleasure on her face.

Suddenly he became very excited and his penis was ejaculating inside of her, and he was given her his sperm, although in her condition that hardly mattered. Like she had said, she could hardly get any more pregnant. Still, it was so incredible to be ejaculating his sperm into his mom’s vagina.

“Oh … oh, Cody! Yes! That feel so good” she exclaimed as she felt him doing that in her.

They both drew in a much needed breath and the moment of their shared sexual gratification eased.

She gave him something of a slightly embarrassed but very pleased smile.

“That was so nice of you to do this with me.”

“It felt good doing it with you, mom.” Cody felt a little embarrassed but was pleased and proud.

Speaking plainly she said, “If I divorce your father, will you keep doing this with me?”

“Sure, mom,” he said. “Are you … are you thinking of divorcing dad?”

“Yes. I have just come to the end with him. And it would so nice if you and I could just continue to have sex.”

“I’d be glad to, mom,” Cody assured.

Susan gave him a grateful smile. “It just means so much to me to be able to do this with my son.”

“It means a lot to me, mom … to be able to do it with you.”

They both smiled at one another.

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