Mom's New Life

by Jess (CO)

His mom had moved out to Colorado just eight months before. Devon had remained in Ohio where he was going to college.

When he arrived he saw that his mom’s new condo was in an area called Santa fe Hills. It was a modern and very attractive and appealing two story adobe structure like the other ones there. He was glad to see that she was doing well and having a whole new life after the divorce from his father a year before.

His Mom, Chrissy, greeted him as he brought his luggage in , with her having invited him out to spend a week and see her new place.

“This is really great, mom,” Devon told her, liking what he saw. “Living in Colorado and living here.”

“I’m pleased with it,’ she said. She added, “See? There’s plenty of room. You could move in and go to school here. It’d be a nice place with benefits.”

Devon grinned over his mom’s choice of words. “With benefits?” he questioned teasingly.

She gave him a playful smirk. “Well … you know what I mean,” she chided. Then she laughed and teased him back. “Of course you never know. Something might be arranged.”

They both smiled and laughed. His mom was blonde and attractive, in her forties and trim. Of course he had always just thought of her as his mom, although it was fun for a mother and son to be easing like that.

“That could be nice,” Devon joked.

“Well,” she remarked nonchalantly, “I’m single and you’re single and over eighteen. That might be a nice arrangement.”

“Well … yeah,” Devon agreed self-consciously.

“Did you want to try that out? The bedroom’s free.”

“You mean right now?”

His mom grinned. “No time like the present. It might help you decide.”

She got up and he followed her into her bedroom. Not entirely sure just how serious his mom was being, he watched as she started to get undressed. He went ahead and started to get undressed, too.

She laid on the bed and he joined her.

They smiled somewhat modestly at one another, feeling a little self-conscious about their being naked together like that. Then they did a few small affectionate kisses on the lips.

Devon felt himself starting to get an erection, as his penis stiffened and pushed visibly up.

His mom smiled at the sight of his arousal. "Oh, my,” she said.

Devon grinned and he started to fondle her bare breasts, and then kissed and sucked on her nipples.

She murmured as her fingers stroked his hair.

Devon got in top of her and she spread her legs apart to accommodate him, and he slowly pushed his hard penis into her vagina, while they looked at each other with a kind of uncertainty as this happened.

When he was all the way in her she drew in a breath. “Oh, that feels nice.”

“It feels good with you, mom,” Devon said.

She smiled over his saying that.

Devon started to slide his penis back and forth in her wet vagina.

She closed her eyes and put her head back on the pillow.

Devon was surprised. It was amazing to find himself actually doing this with his mom, although it didn’t seem strange. It just felt easy and natural.

“Oh, mom …” Devon breathed.

“Oh, honey … just fuck me … just fuck me,” she said into his ear.

“I am. I am fucking you, mom,” he said as he continued to give her his penis.

For the next two full minutes they copulated, with Devon’s stiff penis moving in and out of his mom’s vagina again and again in a steady, gentle rhythm.

“Oh … Oh … Oh …” Chrissy breathed as she felt her son’s maleness doing this to her and she held him.

The sounds of their breathing combined, punctuated by soft moans.

“Oh, honey … I’m going to cum …” she announced. “Oh …. Oh … Oh … Ah! AHHH!!! AHHHH!!!”

Devon felt his mom tense beneath him and she pushed her hips up against his as she struggled with her release.

“Oh, yeah, mom …” Devon encouraged.

“OHHHHHHH!!! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhh …” she gasped as she finished climaxing, her naked body becoming limp.

Devon felt his penis becoming ready to ejaculate. He did a half dozen more decisive insertions into her and then he was ejaculating. His semen came out in throbbing spurts.

“Uh! Uhhhh … Uhhhhh …” he groaned as he filled his mom’s vagina with his sperm.

“Oh, honey … oh, honey … yes! Come in me!” she panted as she lay there receiving his wet sexual discharge, which brought her womanly satisfaction.

When it was over they laid there together for a full minute, recovering.

Then Devon got off of her.

“Oh. Mom … that was terrific doing that with you,” Devon told her, catching his breath.

“It was terrific doing it with you,” she said. Then she looked just a little demure. “Although, I know. Doing it with my own son …”

Devon smiled over her concern. “I’m glad we did.”

“Me, too. It was very special.”

“So …” Devon teased, “if I moved in … would this be part of the benefits?”

“Oh, I certainly hope so,” she replied lovingly.

They both smiled and were looking forward to the months to come.

Their being able to do this, impulsively like they had, without thinking about it, without discussing it, had been the most wonderful thing.

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