Mom's Nasty Friend

by Jack (Florida)

We had a get together at my moms house.

Everybody was swimming she has a big pool.

My uncle had just come in he works over seas he had been gone for 28 days.

My moms friend ms Sharon was there she is about 50 red hair and a big ass. My uncle loves big asses.

We were sitting outside drinking and talking Sharon walked by in her swim suit and that big old ass was just a jiggling like jello.

I noticed my uncle looking at her and rubbing his crotch every time she walked by. She caught him one time and had a little evil grin.

Then she started walking by more often teasing him. He said I would love to get against that big ass I would make it jiggle all night.

Everyone was drinking so mom said everyone had to stay the night. My uncle said I’m going home I ain’t been home in 28 days.

Mom said Sharon we have to find you a place to sleep. She said I can go home with John if he has room and winked at him.

Uncle john smiled and said oh I have room. I knew she was gonna get that fat ass nailed.

They left I noticed he forgot his wallet so I called him and said I will bring you your wallet he said no I will get it tomorrow.

I snuck through the woods it was about 9 at night. They were having some drinks and then headed toward the bedroom. I put my ear to the wall and heard them talking.

She said so tell me about the oilfield I love to hear some stories. He said I will but for oilfield secrets it’s gonna cost you.

She said oh yeah like what. He said I won’t some of that fat ass.. she said I guess I can spare some. I heard the bed as they moved she got on her knees I heard him say oh look at that big jiggly ass.

She laughed and said you like that he said I’m gonna show you how much I like it.. they started talking nasty he said shake that big ass.

She started moving it he said my turn you ready. That headboard likes to knock me down it was slamming against the wall. She was gasping saying do it break the bed.

He was slapping that ass hard that went on for about an hour. I left they are dating now so he gets that big ass on a regular.

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