Mom's Discovery

by Erin Wayne (Texas)

Mom’s Discovery

In my son’s room putting away his laundry, he keeps his room very neat and helps with the house. Though he is grown and in college I don’t mind doing his washing. Accidently I bumped his desktop computer keyboard and it lit up, never before has this happened. Curiosity got the better of me and I checked his bookmarks, surprised when I saw much research of incest. Mother son incest. Checked chatrooms bookmarked, discovered there were many such rooms and many willing to chat of the subject, pros and cons.

One my son most often chatted with was young girl speaking of her father. Discovered my son using the term, MILF quite often but mother he would love to fuck, not mothers, he would love to fuck. Young girl the same but FILF, didn’t have to read further knowing it was her father, she would love to fuck. Description of me spot on, 5’3”, 105 pounds, long dark hair, tits 34 D’s, right down to the small mole atop my hairy pussy. Same type description of young girl’s father, discuss fucking with each other, they didn’t, just mother and father.

Now of 40 years of age and married twenty years, son born when I was eighteen, much luster was gone from my marriage and spent the next three days with little else of my mind. My husband an Oil Flied Engineer spending months away from home, I can’t even remember when we were last intimate and love making in a rush and done when did happen. A lot of grunting and little else, in love and fucking a lot I had enjoyed much when we were younger. I am on the petite side but I’m fragile not, loved my husband Bill’s seven inch fat cock, a huge cock head he has and is beautiful to look at.

Son spoke of an eight inch fat cock with huge cock head, young girl proclaiming the same of her father. Large tan aureoles with little bumps around huge half inch nipples, my son described, young girl’s pink and large, she wanted her father to suck. Eat my hairy pussy morning, noon and night, son spoke of. Young girl speaking of sucking father’s big cock morning, noon and night. In the days passing I began noticing how manly my son’s appearance, often checking out my son and if his description of cock, were true or not.

Decided son had been accurate of his cock, seeing the soft cock outlined of his sweat pants, he often wore when lounging. Thursday night football coming around, knew my son would most likely be home and watching, came to a plan. Supper done and kitchen cleaned, I waited my son to shower and be slouch of the couch before I shower. Dried well and scented my hairy pussy, quite the bush my son had spoken and don’t know how or when, he had seen me to describe so well.

Marched right into the Den, naked as the day I was born, long hair framing my gorgeous tits just so, again my son’s description. Placed a foot to each side of my son on the couch to climb up and planted my hairy pussy, son’s described so beautiful, right in his face. Began giving him the face fuck he’d claimed he wanted for so long. Fucked his face and darting tongue until my pussy erupted with a huge orgasm, my son loving his mother’s pussy all the way through.

Climbing down from his face and I lay my back up against the couch’s arm using one of the pillows to jack up my ass, opened my legs and presented my pussy up to him, just the way he’d spoken to his friend in the chat room. Up from the couch my son practically leaped, stripping his clothing, without speaking a word I saw his hard cock flopping. Lied he hadn’t, his cock was every bit the length he’d spoken and fat. Smiling and arms reaching out to him as he penetrated his mother’s, wanting hairy pussy.

“Oh Baby, fuck Mommy’s pussy, like your father never could,” I spoke for the first time using the dialog take from his chat room.

“Mommy has wanted to fuck with you for so long,” again using his dialog as he pounded my pussy, I don’t think my pussy has ever been more wet and wanting.

“Fuck that pussy, Baby. Mommy’s pussy is yours from now on, your father could never touch your pussy,” spurred my son on knowing what he wanted to hear from me.

“No one has ever made Mommy’s pussy so fantastic, as you are right now,” knew for the first time in my life, exactly what to say to my lover, while having sex.

“Don’t cum in Mommy’s pussy unless you want to taste your own cum. Mommy wants to eat your cum with her pussy in your face,” speaking of how he wanted eat my pussy and often he was going to get his opportunities, it does so happens, I love 69 and eating cum.

“Mommy can hardly wait to feel your huge cock, pumping cum down my throat,” long I didn’t have to wait and my son was up hand of cock aiming toward my open mouth. All his cum I gladly ate, sucking until I was sure I had every bit and kissed him passionately.

“Take me to my bed, we’ll be more comfortable for we are going to do next,” up my son lifted carrying, in his ear I whispered, assuring him of my desires.

“Your cum is the best Mommy has ever tasted and Mommy wants more,” lying me to my bed I turned toward the foot as he lay toward the head, straggled and placed my pussy in his face as I capture cock of hand and mouth.

“The longer we last, the better,” I spoke holding his cock to admire, licking and sucking, ate his cum a second time, not his dialog but mine.

“Oh Baby! That’s the second time you’ve fed Mommy your cum and you are still hard,” I was amazed, thinking I excited my son so and he didn’t have to take a break before getting it back up. Had my son fuck me doggy style, ramming me from behind until he came again, nearly an hour he fucked me this time. We both needed a short break, I needed my tits loved as he had spoken, sat of his lap with his back up against the headboard and cupped my tits to present, my large nipples to him.

In the shower thinking of the six times my son fucked his mother’s pussy, giving me more orgasms than I could venture to say. Next phrase of his fantasies I was preparing and making his mother’s pussy ready. Dried and scenting my pussy I marched back to my bed where he laid sleep, flipping on the lights, I love fucking with the lights on. Love seeing a hard cock, a thing of beauty in my eyes, boisterous huge head and the color it turns, filled with blood. Climbed to the bed straggled my son’s face as he awoke, my fresh pussy giving him the awaking face fuck, he had spoken.

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