Moms can be Surprising

by Nance (CA)

“Sorry, mom, Jason said as he opened the bathroom door and saw his mom standing there naked. “I didn’t know that you were in here.”

She smiled over his inadvertent intrusion. “That’s okay,” she said, not appearing overly embarrassed. “I just got out of the shower.”

Jason smiled back. “You look nice,” he complimented.

She smirked playfully at him. “You just like it because your mom has big tits.”

His mom’s mammary assets were quite full and large.

“They’re nice,” he said admiringly. “But you look nice all over.”

“I’m glad that you think so.” She added with a teasing grin. “Does it make you want to make love to your mother?”

“You mean … have sex?” he questioned, surprised by his mom saying that.

“Well,” she responded nonchalantly, “since I’m naked,”

Jason didn’t know what to say. “Geez, mom.”

“I mean, not that I would want anyone to know. But some boys like doing that with their moms.”

Jason blushed just a little.

She carelessly added, “And some moms like doing it with their sons.”

“If … if you want to,” Jason all but stammered, surprised by his mom’s willing and uninhibited attitude.

Smiling in a pleased fashion she walked from the bathroom to her bedroom with Jason following. Then she sat on the bed and leaned back and looked at him.

“Aren’t you going to take off your clothes and be naked, too?” she asked expectantly.

“Oh. Yeah. Sure,” Jason said.

He proceeded to take his clothes off. By the time he was naked he was having an erection. His penis sticking up handsomely large and stiff. He could hardly believe that he was having an erection with his mom. His mom smiled admiringly at his arousal and laid back on the bed.

Jason got on the bed. He reached out to fondle his mom’s large tits.

“It’s fun having them played with,” she told him.

His mom had really great tits and handling them made his boner even stiffer if that was possible. Jason leaned over and locked her left nipple and then the right one, and sucked on both, making the center points jut up. While he was doing that, his mom started fondling his erection.

Eagerly Jason climbed on top of his mom and pushed his erection into her willing vagina. It was amazing to have his dick in his mom like this.

“Oh, that feels good,” she said.

Jason began to fuck in and out of her.

“Oh, Jason …” she breathed. “That feels so good having you in me.”

“It feels good being in you,” he told her, savoring how good her warm, wet vagina felt on his stiff penis.

She gave him an eager smile. “Do you like fucking your mom?”

“Oh, mom … it’s great fucking you.”

She closed her eyes and drew in a breath as she felt her vagina repeatedly being penetrated by her son’s maleness. She moaned softly. “Oh, honey … fuck me and make me come.”

Jason diligently continued to give her every inch of his boner. It was just so incredible fucking his mom.

“Ohhhh …” she breathed. “Ohhhhhhhhh …” She reached her hands to hold her large swaying tits so they wouldn’t swing out of control. “Oooooooohhhhhhhhh …”

It was so great seeing his mom naked as a woman like this. Her smooth curvy body and her large tits and her hair pussy. He liked the fact that she didn’t shave down there. There was just something so exiting about a woman’s hairy pussy.

“Oh …Oh …honey … I’m going to cum …” She gasped. “Uh! UHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! UHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

Jason was amazed to see his mom having an orgasm.

“UHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Oh, yes … yes .. yes …” she panted as she twisted on the bed, impaled on her son’s hard penis, that was thrusting fully up into the depths of her sex.

“Oh, geez, mom … I’m going to cum!”

Jason felt his boner ejaculating, filling his mom’s vagina with his pulsing semen.

“Uh! Oh … yeah … yeah …”

“Oh, yes, honey … do it in me … do it in me …”

“Oh, mom …” Jason sighed as his penis finished delivering his sperm wetly into her.

Then after a long moment he pulled his penis from her and they lay naked on the bed together.

She smiled lovingly at him. “That was so nice of you to do this with me.”

“Oh, mom … it was wonderful doing it with you.” He looked just a little self-conscious “I never thought that you would want to do something like this together.”

She laughed. “Oh, moms can be surprising sometimes.”

In all truth, the idea of having sex with her son had crossed her mind and she found the thought exciting. Lots of moms did. And that morning, with him seeing her naked, the temptation to invite him to have sex with her had proven to be too tempting. And she as glad that it had.

To the reader-

I had wondered for several years after I was divorced about what it would like to have sex with my son. I really found this a very tempting and exciting thought. He was twenty and single, and I thought how convenient that would be to fuck with him. Only I was afraid that he would think that I was a total whore and a slut. Moms never want to look like that to their own sons.

Then one day, just like in the story, my son happened to see me naked and the rest was easy. That was four years ago.

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