Mom's Bush

by Jillia (NY)

Eric had stopped by his mom’s house that morning. It was summer and while they were talking, the subject of swimsuits came up.

“Oh, you have to do all that shaving, that is the trend these days,” she remarked. “It’s too much trouble. It all just grows back in a day.” Looking a little modest she said, “At least mine does.”

“Oh,” Eric said, having no idea.

“I am quite hairy down there,” she confessed self-consciously. She rolled her eyes. “Your father never liked it.”

“I think it’s sexy,” Eric revealed.

His mom smiled, looking amused. “Have you ever made love to a real hairy girl?”

Eric blushed a little. “No.”

His mom grinned. “Do you want to try it with me?”

Eric was surprised. “You mean …”

“Well,” she said with nonchalance innocence, “nobody would know. It might be fun.”

“You mean … just do it?”

“We could get naked. It’s nicer that way.” She grinned. “Come on.”

Eric’s mouth dropped open. “Right here … in the living room?”

“Sure. No one will see us,” she assured.

She started to get undressed and was quickly naked. Eric could see that his mom really was hairy down there, with a lush tangle of dark hair. He got undressed and was immediately getting an erection.

His mom laid back against the cushions. “Just slide it in,” she said, holding her legs apart.

Eric got up on the sofa and proceeded to push his stiff penis in. He could hardly believe that he was actually sticking his dick in his mom’s vagina. It was so exciting.

He watched as his boner began to slide back and forth through the overabundance of dark pubic hair.

“Don’t worry about me,” she instructed as she laid there, “just take care of it.”

Eric continued to fuck his mom, and very quickly he was ejaculating.

“Uhhh …” he grunted as he felt his pulsing erection delivering his sperm deep into his mom’s vagina. “Uhhh! Uhhh!”

“Oh, yes! That’s nice!” she told him as she felt her son climaxing inside of her with a pleased satisfaction.

When Eric finished ejaculating he looked exhausted. He smiled a bit shyly.

“How did you like doing it in a hairy pussy?” his mom teased.

“It was great … especially since it was my mom’s hairy pussy.”

She gave him a rather serious mother look. “It was wonderful being fucked by my son.”

“I loved fucking you, mom,” Erik said, never dreaming he would ever say that to his own mom.

“I want to fuck you again.”

“Oh, please …” his mom said, “fuck me.”

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Oct 18, 2020
Hairy bush
by: Anonymous

I saw my moms growing up, it was always a real turn on to see her hairy pussy.

Aug 02, 2020
SIL's bush
by: Anonymous

At the swimming pool my SIL came out with her bikini, she did not realize that some of her hairs of the bush were showing off along the edge down there. Some of us noticed it. I hurriedly went to her and whispered to her to come inside the house. I took her straight to the bathroom. She felt embarrassed to what she saw! I offered my help to shave her pubes. She was now stark naked - I shaved her good, OMG, she did not shaved for a couple of months. It took quite sometime, I got sexually excited watching her breathing heavy. I cleaned her pussy area and spread some lotion to sooth her pussy lips and surrounding areas. She kissed me for the good work but this kiss lingered on between our lips and we started to fondling each others boobs. I made her sat on the side of bath tub and asked her to spread her thighs wide. I ate her pussy till she came in a series of orgasms.

Jul 13, 2020
by: Anonymous

Oh so kinky.

Jul 13, 2020
Mom's so hot.
by: Anonymous

Mom enjoyed a lot of incest sex from her son. His penis was full of life giving sperm and the mother wanted all of the precious fluid in her womb. Naughty incestuous sex was of course the most satisfying and with the mother in charge of the boy and the rest of the kin, she directed her husband to get busy with the baby daughter of the family.

The family was open to anything and after the daughter seeing mom and her brother making incestuous love her panties moistened. Her father was a panties sniffing perverted sissy and frequently wore his daughter's panties and pantyhose too. Perhaps it rubbed off on his son as he too took after his father and also would wear his mom's panties and pantyhose.

Mom's reaction to seeing the men and boys wearing feminine garb got mom thinking. Little daughter and perhaps her wet panties indicated she was really ready for a good pussy licking....

Mom appeared to herself to be especially wicked and lusting after her willing baby girl. The daughter after all was always walking around the hardwood floors in high heels and nylons her panties wet and wild with anticipation for some hot family incest.

From long ago the father was involved in a tradition of incest with his own mother and father. His father before him was molested as a boy but because of the family tradition it became natural.

The men of the family were led by the strong women and brought up as "prissy sissies".

Older men were constantly dressing up in provocative lingerie and high heels. The younger men leaning towards femininity orally gratified each other and it became a open secret.

The female relatives couldn't be more happy.

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