Mom's Birthday

by Rick (TX)

“This is the nicest birthday, “ Margie told her son.

“Well, I hope you like what I got you,” Roger said. “I wasn't sure what else to get you.”

Maggie smiled and laughed. “Oh, well!” She raises her eyebrows suggestively. “I could always think of something,” she teased.

Roger knew that she was being teasing. He teased her back. “I suppose that I could take care of that.”

His mom then looked just a tiny bit embarrassed. “I couldn’t ask my own son to do that.”

“Well …” Roger responded innocently. “It’s not like anyone would know.”

“I would hope not!” she exclaimed. She then have him a questioning look. “But wouldn’t you feel funny doing that with your own mother?”

Now Roger looked just a bit embarrassed. “I wouldn’t feel funny about. Actually … I think that it would exciting.”

Maggie wrinkled her nose. “I suppose it would be exciting doing it with my own son.”

They smiled at each other a little modestly over the idea of their being intimate. Yet, at the same time, not finding that unappealing.

“For your birthday … I suppose you need to be in your birthday suit,’ Roger joked.

“Yes. I suppose that we both do,” she agreed.

They grinned nervously and then summoned the courage to start taking their clothes off. When they had done that they suddenly found themselves standing there naked. It was not as embossing as they might have expected, rather it was exciting.

His mom was full figured, with large breast and cherry-pink nipples and had a dab briskly pubic hair between her legs. Quickly Roger felt his penis start to become stiff, pushing upright in a visible display. His mother smiled at the sight of her son’s handsome arousal.

“Oh, my!” she said with an unconcealed smile.

They stepped forward and into each other’s arms, their smooth, bare skin touching invitingly. They did a small kiss on the lips. Then they did several more. Roger brought his hand up to feel and fondle his mother’s breasts, while she slipped a hand down to do the same to his erection.

Effortless they moved to the sofa where she sat and then laid back and he joined her, positioning himself between the fullness of her parted highs. Taking a hold of his penis he guided the swollen tip up to the softness of her vaginal lips and slowly pushed inward. Easily he found his male organ sliding all the way into hers.

“Oh!” she said, drawing a breath.

Slowly Roger began to pull back and then go inward again, as he began to fuck her.

It felt so incredible getting to do this with his own mom, as he felt her soft wetness caressing his thick, stiff length.

His mom closed her eyes and moaned a little as she savored the pleasure she was feeling, making her clitoris swell even more prominently. To be having her clit large and erect like that with her own son, to be feeling his penis moving in the depths of her vagina, was exciting.

“Oh …Oh … Oh …” she breathed. “Then suddenly she gasped. “Uhhh!!!”

Roger was amazed to see his mom having an orgasm, her fill bare breasts heaving, and the look of overwhelming sexual culmination on her face.

Roger continued to fuck his boner into her, his own excitement growing. In a moment more he was ejaculating. I was so fantastic and so unbelieving satisfying to be giving his own mom his sperm. The liquid surges made him groan and he felt his mom’s hands holding his hips tightly to ensure that he climaxed fully in her.

Their mutual lust-filled moment began to ease. When they opened their eyes and looked at one another, they both smiled. It was so wonderful sharing such intimacy as mother and son.

“Oh …” she sighed. “I haven’t enjoyed that in years.”

“Happy birthday. Mom,” Roger said with a pleased grin.

“Now … since it’s my birthday, maybe once or twice more today?” she said sweetly.

“I think I can handle that,” Roger said confidently.

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