Mom's Appreciation

by Erin Wayne (Texas)

Mom’s Appreciation

Very sad from Gran’s passing, a week after the funeral Mom sensed and came laying her head of my lap, stretching out of the couch. Of the couch I sat watching the TV, I’d recently purchased, our first with televisions becoming more affordable. Mom dressed of Overalls helping me with chores of the farm, defying my wants for her not to work but enough of staying cooped up and not outside working of someone else’s house, she’d had enough of. Mom of the Overalls and big tits I thought Mom was the sexiest woman I’d ever seen.

Our house was close to Gran’s, built upon my grandfather’s 160 acres. Both my father and grandfather died of an oil field explosion, before I was ten. Mom was surprised when her mother deeded the old farm to me, before she passed. What Mom didn’t know or what I didn’t think she knew, my grandmother of 72 years was also my lover.

I’d gone over to help Gran with her garden, it was something done every year, the land had lain feral since grandfather’s passing. Day after graduating I worked Gran’s garden for the man coming with mule to break up the soil was late arriving and Gran wanted a new plot plowed. Gran asked how was the dance and down in the dumps I told Gran of how the girls wouldn’t dance with me, because I was too large.

Gran figured out what I was speaking of as I am not a person of large statue and wanted to see, actually demanded to see. Overhearing a girl making fun of my size, others laughing, I left early. In a small community word gets around and in a mood I did as told, dropping my pants. Ever so delighted with the size of my cock, Gran took the situation in hand and of mouth. Froze of the moment but my cock didn’t, another’s touch I’d never known.

A large cock like mine turned out, Gran had always wanted, Gran happy to take my cherry. Gran and I were lovers for the next six years, hard to put into words, how I felt of Gran, both loved and desired her. Under Grans direction I learned to become a good lover, she often praised and a good farmer making the farm pay once again. Gran and Mom the only people I was ever close to. Mom worked as a maid, throughout my growing but now with the farm paying, she no longer has too.

“I’m so happy, you and Gran had such a good relationship, these past years of her life,” Gran passed of a sudden heart attack.

“I know what kind of a relationship you had with Mom. You made her so happy, the past years,” Mom laid her hand of my cock I feel through my Overalls, again of my life, I didn’t know to stay or run but with her head of lap.

“The man you have become, taking care of Mom and I the way you have. You deserve to be taken care of as the man, you are,” looking from TV and down to Mom’s eyes, looking up to me. She certainly had my attention and my cock’s as she gently rubbed. Though I’d been through the first conversation of love making to come with Gran, here I was frozen like the deer in the headlights, once again, cock responding.

“All these past years I have been very lonely,” Mom’s hand outside Overalls explored my cock as it grew, cock nearing its hardest and ready Mom turned her head, gently biting as if she were testing, through the Overalls.

“I’ve not had to do without completely but I have not found a man such as your father or you,” Mom sat up unbuckling my Overalls, trouble she was having getting my large, hard cock out, I slouched unbuttoning the sides to fold farther down. Pleasure of Mom’s eyes and her hand to my ten inch cock, I kissed her with a passion I’d not had, even with Gran. Quickly Mom removed her blouse unsnapping her bra, where Gran had been rather small of breasts, Mom was not.

Loved fucking Gran, loved watching my huge cock fucking in and out of her hairy pussy. Gran love to watch me take my big cock of hand, rub in her flowing juices, fuck her and pull out to let her watch again, my large cock penetrate her hairy folds. This we would do for hours, Gran hadn’t bragged any at all, when she said she was always wet.

Many times, over and over, Gran would express how wonderful and fantastic it was, having a cock so readily available and willing to fuck her as she’d needed throughout her life, not to have. Talk dirty to me as I sucked her tits, praising my cock, I enjoyed hugely.

Mom’s tits stood far out from her chest with huge nipples, large tan aureoles the size of tennis balls with little bumps, surrounding her nipples. A tremendous urge I had to get Mom’s nipples and tits into my mouth, Mom must have seen of my eyes, she presented and jiggled in my face. Arched her back thrusting farther towards me as I captured her nipples. Both Mom’s tits I fondled sucking nipples filling my mouth, Mom undoing her Overalls, we both rushed getting clothes off.

“Mom, you are the most beautiful, gorgeous woman I have ever seen,” of course Mom knew I’d never seen anyone other than Gran naked but smiled pleased with the reaction of my eyes. Dark hairy pussy matching her brunette top, curvy hips, flat stomach, slim lovely legs, I was sure Mom could get any man she wanted. Soon as my pants drop to floor Mom captured cock of hands and mouth, shoving me back onto the couch to proclaim.

“Two and a half hands,” judging my cock as you would a horse’s height, a hand equaling four inches. In a rush, neither wanted to take time going to a bed, I wanted Mom’s pussy in my mouth. Of course Gran had taught me 69, there was no eating of Gran’s pussy, without my cock in her mouth. Gran loved eating my cum and would often have me finish, by watching me jerk into her mouth. Mom like Gran came before I, several times, both of us abundantly wanting the other’s love juices.

“Yours is the best cum I have ever tasted,” Mom was up straggling my cock, before I could answer.

“Mom, your pussy is the best tasting ever,” again dumb thing to say with my history but did please Mom.

“Your cock is the best I’ve had in my pussy since your father. I really hate to compare one over the other as I sure you feel the same of me and Gran but this feels fantastic, like I have no words to express how wonderful your cock feels. I was turned off and appalled when I saw you and Mom fucking and was about to shame you both by letting you both know. You had been caught but then I heard Mom thanking you for making her so happy, fucking her the way she’d wanted to be fucked all her life.”

“The incest thing did bother me but when I thought of how happy Mom had been these past years, it did turn me around. I wanted to fuck with you, wanted to know if your cock was like your father’s and it is, more so I may think but it has been a long time. Have wanted to fuck you so badly this past year but come between you and Mom knowing her life could be shorten at any time, I couldn’t,” Mom came shuttering atop me and I thrust hard mauling her tits, pinching nipples.

“Fuck, Baby, fuck, it feels fantastic having the cock I created, cum so far up in my pussy,” Mom collapsed atop of me, we laughed, smiled my cock still inside her knowing this was our special moment. It’s been ten years and Mom and I fuck like it was our first times ever. Such special loves from the two women of my life, I’ve had, I don’t think I could ever love another. Certainly not with the intensity as with my very own mother and grandmother.

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