Mom’s Admission: Part 2

by Anonymous

After I shot my load and cleaned up a lot of cum, I laid in bed thinking about the kiss and her comment that I should think about her as she told me to masturbate. I didn’t give much thought to her walking back the comment.

I laid there dreaming not of me having sex with her, but random guys plowing her. I thought about mom sucking a large cock. The more I thought about it, I couldn’t handle the pressure and jumped up again to the bathroom.

This time I stood in front of the sink as I planned to shoot my load into the sink to make it easier to clean up. As I jacked off, I stepped back to watch in the mirror. As I stroked my cock, I wondered if mom would like the size of my cock.

I was a shade over seven inches and felt it was girthy. I wanted to show mom my cock desperately. The thought of the kissing and her dirty talk drove me crazy. I stood next to the sink and blew a second load.

After cleaning up the mess, I took a hot shower to relax me then jumped in bed nude. My phone rang at 7 a.m. Still asleep I answered, “Hello.” “Did you get any sleep?” I heard mom’s voice asking. Before I could answer, she continued, “Did you cum? Did you think about me…”

There was a slight pause while I didn’t answer before mom quickly said, “I mean think about the topics we discussed. I didn’t mean me.” I sat there silent as she asked if I was going to talk. When I did speak up and ask if she would give me a second to respond. I went on to explicitly describe my first cum shot and how quick it was and the amount of force. Then I described how I couldn’t sleep and the second cum shot.

Mom chimed in to say that she used her vibrator and was thinking about our talk and the kiss then she proceeded to not only orgasm, but squirted. “I have squirted several times during sex, but never ever have I squirted while masturbating by myself. It was all because of you. I squirted thinking about you.” Mom said. She paused then cut me off as I was about to talk, “I don’t mean thinking about you just the talk that we had. You didn’t seem disgusted and enjoyed my confessions. I squirted because of that.”

We spoke a little then mom said she had to go because she wanted to use her dildo again before she left for work. Mom asked, “Are you going to masturbate once you get off the phone?” I replied that I was. Mom continued, “well, I guess we can think about one another and maybe we can come together.”

The more she talked the more she was clearly wanting sex and I was more than happy to accommodate. I said, “Maybe we can meet up at the park tonight and cum together.” “Fuck that sounds exciting!” Mom clarified. I insinuated that we would have sex, but mom abruptly shut down that discussion.

“Oh my god no! You are my son. We can’t have actual intercourse.” I sat there silent as mom tried to talk to me then finally I said I needed to go. My phone rang several times that day in between me leaving for classes. Around three o’clock there was a knock at my door. I figured it was Kendra. Instead it was mom.

She walked in and apologized. “I am so sorry. It was exciting talking last night and I hope to continue it, but I can’t have sex with you.” She said. I was a little frustrated by her comments and asked what she meant about cumming together. She said, “I just meant maybe we could have sat in the car while we each masturbated.” “I can’t come right now. Someone worked me up so much that I shot a month of loads last night.” I replied.

Mom said she needed to get home as she was upset I didn’t answer. Before she left, mom held out her hand for me to hold. I reached out and took her hand then she smiled and leaned out for a kiss. I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a kiss. She put her arms around me and squeezed me tight. We just stood there hugging for a few minutes.

Mom pulled away and said she had to go then she moved over for another kiss and as I went in to kiss her again she pulled her head to the side. I kissed her on the cheek, which was puzzling then she moved to show her neck. I kissed her on the neck as I heard a soft moan.

I began kissing her on the neck passionately as she began to moan then she pulled back and held out her left hand. I took her hand as she smiled up at me then slid her right hand down her pants. You could see in her face when she touched her clit. Mom’s eyes fluttered as she moaned while rubbing her clit vigorously.

After several minutes, I heard “oh baby… fuck yes! Ohhh… mmmm… oh yes, yes! Yes! YES!!!” As mom’s body vibrated in ecstasy she gave me a smile, slowly pulled out her hand and pushed her finger into my mouth and had me suck the pussy juices off her finger.

“How do I taste?” Mom asked. “It tastes good. Too bad you wouldn’t let me check that for myself.” I stated. Mom had a puzzled look then with a smile she said, “honey, I need to clarify. I don’t think we should have sex, but I am NOT opposed to you eating my pussy.”

“Does that mean…” I said as I looked down toward my crotch. “Oh I plan on sucking you dry!” Mom clarified. But, I can’t stick my cock in you?” I asked.

Mom stood there with an expression like she was thinking.

“I’ll tell you what. I feel sorry for exciting you. You can slide your cock in my ass.” She said with a grin. Kind of joking I asked, “Can I cum?” “You better cum deep inside me every single time you slide your cock inside me.” Mom clarified.

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