Mom’s Admission: Part 1

by Anonymous

My mom popped in for a visit. I took her down to meet a neighbor in the apartment complex, Kendra. Kendra was the type that could wake up with no makeup and still be the most beautiful woman around. I wanted Kendra sexually, but she was a tease to me. I was too nice and she wanted someone to treat her poorly.

She got that from her mom, which my mom was about to experience. As we stood in Kendra’s apartment, her mom, Sandy, barged in. Sandy was wearing a push up bra that was partially exposed because her top was too small.

Sandy said hi to mom and me then proceeded telling her daughter about her sexual experience she had the night before while leaving nothing to the imagination.

My mom stood there in horror. I was use to it between Sandy and Kendra, but it was really awkward for me hearing that with my mom in the room. Mom wanted to leave quickly and finally made an excuse to leave.

As we walked back to my apartment, mom was silent. Jokingly I said, “so what did you think of Sandy?” With a shocked look, mom turned and said, “you really should find decent people to be around.” She was right, but something snapped inside me. You have to understand my mom.

When I was fifteen, a friend around my age in the neighborhood had checked out a book from the local library about sex. He wanted me to return it for him as he was leaving town on vacation with his family. Mom found the book before I could return it.

Instead of talking to me, she had a neighbor sit me down and have the sex talk. Mom never discussed sex with me. When she went on a date, she always said she was meeting friends. She never brought a guy around the house, which meant guys didn’t want to keep dating her.

This meant she went from guy to guy. I knew she was on dates as I heard things from neighbors or family. In my eyes, my mom was a whore because she kept finding different guys. She claimed she didn’t want to bring guys around the house.

So I had a mom that seemed to be a whore, in my eyes. The only difference between Sandy and mom was that Sandy didn’t act like she was something she wasn’t. That is when I began to mention mom being with other guys.

An argument ensued where mom repeatedly claimed to be protecting me as I continued to insinuate she loved being with numerous different sexual partners. I had been swayed by one neighbor and an aunt who always implied mom liked being with a new guy each week. My comments were based on how the neighbor and aunt portrayed mom.

Finally mom said, “so that is it, you think I am a whore.” I didn’t respond, just stood there silent. Mom began crying and ran off to her car. I should have run after her, but I was tired of her covering up her lifestyle. Mom and I didn’t talk for over two months.

One day I got a phone call from mom. She wanted to come see me and talk. When mom arrived, I got in her car and we drove around talking. It was getting dark, so she pulled off and parked at a local park.

I was in college and so many college kids would park around the lake at the park to have sex in their cars. Watching a few cars pull in, I mentioned to mom what the park was used for.

With a grin on her face that I could see due to a street light shining in from nearby, she said, “I know. I have been here a number of times. Adults use this place too.” Up to this point mom had basically talked about trying to protect me from bringing different guys around, but after that little admission, mom changed what she had to say.

“I honestly did feel like I was protecting you, but I guess it was a convenient excuse. I do like sex.

In the beginning of any relationship the sex is wild and passionate. Given a little time in the relationship the sex becomes mundane. I don’t like mundane. I like exciting.” Mom said. She continued, “Does that upset you? Are you disgusted with the truth?” “I am glad you are being so honest finally.” I replied.

We sat there for a few minutes silent as I could tell mom was thinking of how to phrase her next words. “I didn’t think it was right for Sandy to be so open about her sex life with her daughter, but I kind of liked her honesty too.”

Mom said. “You can tell me anything.” I said to mom. “So… it won’t bother you if I talk about sex?”

Mom asked. “Hmm… now I am curious, what would you say?” I asked in a very excited and inquisitive tone. Mom smiled and said, “Let’s start by allowing you to ask any questions. I will be one hundred percent honest in my replies. You can determine for yourself how much information that you want and I will know where the line is.”

I sat there for several minutes kind of at a loss of what to ask then I started with, “do you give blow jobs?”

“Of course” mom nonchalantly replied. That is when a flood of things popped into my head and I went all out.

“Have you ever had a penis in your butt?” I asked.

“Yes.” Mom replied. There was silence as I was thinking of the next thing to say, but mom figured she better expand on the comments or we could be there for days. “I have had anal sex many times. In the right situation, I like it as much as vaginal sex. If a guy does it right, I can achieve orgasm during anal sex. So, yes I have had it and I really enjoy it.”

“Does that upset you?” Mom asked. Before I could answer, mom continued, “I realize you are not sure what to ask, so it is better that I come clean instead of this back and forth to get the answers you are looking for.”

Before I could ask another question, mom said, “going back to the blow jobs. I enjoy sucking cock. I am willing to swallow. Regarding size, I like the bigger ones. BUT, only for sucking! I DO NOT like a large cock during sex, ESPECIALLY in my ass! Fuck that hurts too much! Girls say it isn’t the size, but how you use it, which is true to a point. I want some girth when I am having sex. I don’t care if you know how to use it, I don’t want a little dick. But I don’t want horse cock either. Just an average sized cock is fine with me.”

I sat there listening intently then mom asked, “I am sorry. Was that too much?” I quickly replied, “not at all. That is the honestly I am looking for.” We continued our discussion just for a few minutes more then mom said, “I don’t want to overwhelm you and shoot my load too early. How about we push pause and pick this up another time? I am just so happy to be talking again. I missed you so much.”

Mom drove me back to my apartment. I got out of the car told her thanks and was walking toward the apartment when she rolled down her window and asked me to come back over. She said, “I am so sorry for keeping things from you. I enjoy sex and like to be with different partners. Do you still love me?” Mom said as she extended her hand. Up to this point mom never even gave me a hug so holding her hand was really foreign.

As I took her hand and held it, which felt romantic, I replied, “thanks for your honesty and opening up. It was a little… umm… exhilarating!” Mom squeezed my hand and pulled me toward her where she was prepping for a kiss. I leaned in and kissed her on the lips. She kissed me lightly and as I pulled back she said, “fuck, it was exciting to talk like that with you.

Sorry for saying fuck.” Mom said sincerely. “Mom I have listened to you describe sucking a huge cock. I think I can handle the word fuck.” “Honey don’t get me wrong, I love sucking all sizes of cock, not just big ones.” Mom said as she was still holding my hand and pulled me back in for one more kiss. This one lasted a little longer.

I walked off thinking not only about what she said, but the kissing. I was thoroughly excited. Was it just me? I wondered. That was answered about an hour later as I laid in bed and couldn’t fall asleep. It took mom about a half hour to drive back home.

When I answered the phone I heard mom apologize for being so open and honest. I said it was fine. Then there was a little small talk. Mom said the discussion was kind of exciting which I quickly mentioned it was for me and it was hard to sleep.

That is when mom apologized for not being affectionate all those years then she said, “I plan to make up for it.” I sat there wondering what did that mean. I was even more excited. Mom then said, “you need to go jack off and shoot your load to relax. I have my vibrator out and plan to have an orgasm really soon so I can sleep.”

What she said next was shocking before she tried to walk it back, “think about me. I mean not necessarily me, but the topics we were talking about. It will help you cum faster.”

Mom moved the phone down to her vibrator so I could hear the buzzing then told me she had to go because her clit was about to explode. I ran into the bathroom and honest to god, I may have gotten six strokes out before I shot my load all over the bathroom. Never before had I ever shot my load with such force or so quick.

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