Mommy's Older And Not Wiser

by KIm Cummings (Clovis, Ca USA)

Mommy as she likes to be called, is slightly senile and has dementia too. I'm 50 now and Mommy is reliving her childhood as am I. Mommy likes her "Daddy". I now play "Daddy" for Mommy.

I replaced her regular medication with a special concoction I mixed up for Mommy. Some nice ketamine and powerful doses of stimulants and triazolam. Mommy likes to play around with "Daddy". That's me.

Mom is a lovely 68 years young. Thanks to her boobs being lifted they are still very suckable. Mommy loves when "Daddy" sucks Mommies teats. Mommy squeals like a little girl as I finger Mommies wet pussy and suck her breasts.

Mommy drools a bit on her meds and loves to suck "Daddies" hard cock. (Her biological son) I usually make Mommy beg for the right to have her twat tickled and her breasts sucked. You see I've been having incest with Mommy since I was 18.

Mommy was taken by her Daddy as a lover. She loves talking about it with me. "I just LOVE your cock Daddy!" I usually lick Mommies sweet vagina through her wet pantyhose and silky panties. Mommy also loves to wear her lingerie and her collection of "FUCK ME" high heels even though she's 68.

Remember, Mommy is a little girl experiencing her childhood again. Suck "Daddies cock so Daddy can ream your baby cunny and your baby tight ass". OHH, Daddy, YES! Fuck your babies 'lil cunny again" I tell Mommy her son is 'gonna give Mommies pussy a nice incestuous fuck again like before.

She remembers it's her son temporarily as i slide my hard mother fucking penis inside the very cunt I came from. "YES SON, Fuck your Mommy!" I easily slide into her moistened pussy well lubed with KY jelly. She squeals loudly and screams as I fully enter Mommy.

"YES, YES.....Fuck Mommies cunt son like before!" "Just like old times Mommy"! I tell her. She stares at me directly demanding I slam my entire 8 inches of incest loving cock in my Mother with absolutely no guilt or shame.

"I love fucking you Mommy"! "And I love your cock in Mommies pussy son"! We fuck as the stimulants do there magic. Mom bucks against me taking all of her son man meat with abandon and fever-like lust.

"Yeah Mom, you still can really rock and roll"! "Just don't you dare stop plunging that boy cock in your Mom"! "I Plan on fucking your ass next Mother"! YES, baby boy Mommy needs your young cock in her tight ass like before you little sissy bitch son of mine. (You see I was also wearing a pair of my own sexy pantyhose, panties and high heels) Mommy taught me well how to be her lesbian lover with of course a nice cock!

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