Mommy Help Me Impregnate Aunt Liz

by Wantonlover (USA)

My mother and I had a special relationship, we were very closed, we shared more than mother and son usually do and we were very intimate with each other. As far as I remembered that’s the way it had always being and I enjoyed every precious moment of it.

Few weeks ago, mom had been telling me about her younger sister Liz misfortune, she had been trying to get pregnant numerous times and was unsuccessful. Mom and Aunt Liz were very closed, they too had very intimate relationship I didn’t know about until recently.

Mom and Aunt Liz kept in touch with each other as often as they could even after when they married and living in different city. Mom decided to help when she found out Aunt Liz numerous failed attempts to get pregnant. She suggested her to use my sperm because I was young, healthy, fertile, and I don’t smoke, drink, or do drugs.

Mom wanted me impregnate Aunt Liz and I genuinely wanted to help because she was family and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Since Mom and I were very closed intimately, and after mom revealed to me she and Aunt Liz were also very closed intimately, I wanted to help her out more than anything, because we were connected and we had special bond between us.

Aunt Liz was very excited when she learned I wanted to help, mom and I decided to travel to her city to make her pregnancy as smooth as possible. We arrived at her house Saturday morning and took our time to settled in and get reacquainted with each other. My uncle was very understanding, he went to Las Vegas with his buddies over the weekend, and left my aunt alone in the house with us.

I was no stranger to my beautiful Aunt, we had seen each other numerous times growing up while she was living with us before she got married. She was now 35, only 5 years younger than my mom. They looked almost identical with shoulder length hair, the only difference was my mom was blonde and she had black hair.

They both had same body type, natural round boobs and round curve, Aunt Liz was slightly shorter and her boobs slightly larger, they had similar delicious milky skin tones extending every inch of their body.

Later in the midday as I was getting ready, I was lying on the bed naked and slowly rubbing my deflated cock head, when mom and Aunt Liz slowly entered the room. They were both naked mom’s pussy was cleanly shaved, Aunt Liz was also fully shaved and she had thin trail of very short pubic hair right above her clit about 1 inch long. They both smelled fresh as they just stepped out from hot shower.

“Brian, I want to thank you for helping me out.” Aunt Liz sounded sincerely.

“Your mom and I are very close, and I also know that you and your mom are very close.”

“And I hope after today you and I can be just as close.”

I looked at mom, she nodded her head saying, “we’re family, and we share everything.”

They both crawled onto the bed slowly swaying their asses seductively side to side, it seemed like they could read each other mind.

“Let me show you how he likes it.” Mom explained, as she wrapped her small hand around my 8 inch fat cock, she gently licked the underside of my dick head, she swirled her tongue around it and took only my dick head between her soft lips sucking and slurping on it making loud slurping noise.

“Mommy I love the way you suck my cock.” I groaned softly.

“I know darling, Mommy knows best.” She purred.

“Now you try.” She handed my wet juicy cock to Aunt Liz.

Aunt Liz kissed my mother on the lip softly before she took my entire cock into her greedy mouth. She was a pro as she started sucking, slurping, and moaning around my cock, my fat cock twitched in her warm wet mouth, and the more she sucked the harder I became.

She was incredibly turned on with the feelings of my very hard cock pulsing in her mouth, that she started bobbing her head up and down faster over my very rigid cock. She took my entire length inside her all the way hitting the back of her throat making her gag and choke.

I noticed each time when she gagged on my cock, her excitement increased as she moaned louder over my cock. She made a show of slowly taking my cock deep into her throat choking on it, then releasing it slowly and thick line of precum and saliva would appear between the tip of my cock and her lips, and she would slurped it all back into her mouth making loud slurping noise.

“Is Aunty doing a good job?” She teased, as she continued sucking and moaning very loudly over my cock.

“Aunt Liz… Your mouth feels so hot.”

“You’re a professional cock sucker.” I groaned.

“You’ve have a wonderful cock,” she continued sucking, “your cock feels so hot in my mouth.”

Before Aunt Liz went back into her sucking.

“Let me show you what he likes next.” Mom interjected.

Mom went down on all fours with her round ass sticking up in the air, I slowly eased from Aunty mouth and pierced my rigid cock into her hot canal. Mom’s pussy was tight even though she had given birth to only one child. I pierced in and out of her few times before she stopped me.

“Today is not about me, today is about Aunt Liz.”

“Now you try.” Again mom handed my cock to Aunt Liz.

Aunt Liz went down on all fours like mom did earlier, mom quickly wet my cock with her mouth for more lubrication before I pierced into Aunty pussy. Aunty had never given birth and her pussy was extremely tight. I enjoyed this position because I enjoyed the view and I enjoyed grabbing her wide hips when I rammed into her from behind.

Her tight pussy felt so hot and wet as I slid in and out of her slowly, her beautiful round ass bounced up and down from each slow thrust was amazing, and the sound of her moan that kept getting louder and louder was enough to send me over the edge. I tried to hold it in as long as I could because I enjoyed watching her wide hips bounced up and down against me, the view was breathtaking.

She could feel I was getting very close to cumming, instinctively she rolled over on her back and spread her legs wide open. She was making loud hissing sound, she was hot and horny for my cum, I gazed down at her pussy and noticed how puffy and swollen she had become.

Again I pierced my hard cock inside her hot canal, she moaned louder making loud hissing sound.

“That feels so good…” She hissed.

She was now screaming and rocking her hot pussy against my throbbing cock, she grabbed both her ankles with her hands and tried to spread her legs wider for me. I didn’t tried to rush, but I continued thrusting in and out of her in steady motions.

I was very closed to cumming, I could feel hot cum boiling and getting ready to rush out from my hot pipe. I guessed she felt that too because she was extremely hot and horny for my cum.

“Yes… Yes… Give me your hot cum…”

“Pump your hot seed deep inside me…”

“Give it all to your Aunty…”

“Impregnate me… Impregnate your Aunty…”

“Yes… Yes…”

“Give me that cum… Give me that cum…”

“Fill my pussy with your hot cum…”

“Pump it… Pump it… Just like that…” She continued hissing.

“AHHHHHHHHHH…” I howled as loud as I could.

The moment and anticipation I had been waiting for as I unloaded liters of thick hot liquid deep inside her hot canal.

“TAKE IT…TAKE IT ALL…” I screamed in great satisfaction, while I continued splattering my hot cum inside her vagina wall.

I paused briefly before easing out of her slowly making sure all my hot cum remained inside her.

“Thank you for cumming inside me…”

“Thank you for cumming inside your Aunty…” She hissed.

“You’re such a good boy.” Mom praised me.

“Let’s do it again tomorrow,” Aunty suggested, “I had so much fun today, and this would help us get even closer.”

“Ok, Aunt Liz.” I replied.

“That’s my good boy.” Mom praised again.

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