Momma’s Boy

by Richard (Bangor, Mi)

I had just turned 18. My Mom was in her late 40s, great figure, big tits, a little saggy, but still firm looking. Nipples meant for sucking. We were close, always did things together.

She was never too shy. Dressed in front of me. I noticed she caught me staring at her tits. She smiled and was glad to be looked at. My first time that I noticed her being starved for sex.

She got a phone call, she asked if i wanted to go for a ride into the country? I said, sure. Not asking why or where. I did notice she just put on a light dress that tide in the front. It was thin. No bra or panties.

Took us about 20 minutes, we pulled up a grove of trees. About 20 yards away there was a Suv parked .She told me to stay in the car, she had to talk to the person in the car. About 45 minutes or so I was bored. I snuck over to see what was going on.

The closer I got to the car, I noticed it was moving around a little. I peeked in, there I saw my Mom legs up to the roof. The person was a big man in between her legs. Both were naked. He was pounding her, I could hear her moaning. Her face was buried in his neck. She lifted up and saw me looking. With a finger, she motioned me to be quiet, and to go away, I did.

A short time later she came back. Got in the car and we drove home. Not a word was said. The next week we heard a knock at the door. My Mom told me to go to my room. Stay there until she called me. I left the door slightly ajar, I saw the man at the door, he wasn't the same person.

Once in the door, he embraced my Mother. His hands began caressing her body. They kissed, her blouse fell open and his hands started to squeeze her big boobs. She moaned, he kissed her neck and then found her tits, sucking and biting. Her moans got louder. Her hand was rubbing his crotch area.

She led him to the bedroom. They sat on edge of the bed, kissing more. Then he laid her down. She pulled her dress open. He dropped his pants got between her legs, he was big, but not huge. He guided his cock in, slowly at first, she kept telling him to go easy.

He told her to shut up and asked her if she wanted to get fucked or not? She screamed out, Yes, then he started to shove hard and fast. She cried out, I'm coming, he said he was too. Then with one big push, he told her to hold on. She wrapped her legs around his back then he went limp.

They laid motionless for a couple minutes. He pulled out , she wiped his cock and her pussy. He got dresses and left. She came into my room after cleaning up. She tried to explain that she needed sex. Not being satisfied with my Dad. Not saying anything, i gave her a big, long hug, and told her, I love her.

Later that week nothing new happened. I pleasured myself often and didn't have a steady girl. There were a couple I had sex with, neither one could take my cock deep. I fingered one to climax, the other had me eat her and she would suck me and jerk me to climax.

One night I was in bed, watching some adult videos. I got so hard it hurt. My Mom was in her room, getting ready for bed. My Dad had gone to work, graveyard shift. I thought what the hell, I was going to show my big cock to my Mother.

With just a knight pair of jockey shorts on, I walked into my Moms room. She was sitting at her vanity, I walked up to her, asking her, if my cock was to big?

She turned, not knowing exactly what I said, then her mouth fell open, her face turned red, No honey, you’re not too big, maybe for some, but not all. Why do you ask honey? I told her about the two girls.

She laughed and asked me if I wanted her to be my girlfriend? Yes, please. Then she took my cock in hand, I even got harder. Squeezing my cock head, I started oozing precum, it got on her fingers, she opened her mouth and took me deep down her throat. I felt like I was going to pass out and she stopped.

Told me to get in bed with her, my cock was actually throbbing. She got on her back, spread her legs and said, come to Momma. I knelt between her legs, I lifted her legs up a little, she took my cock and guided it in.

She cried out, easy honey, go slow until your all the way in, she was so tight. I could feel her pussy walls, she was wet and hot, I pushed in until I hit the back of her pussy. She was still crying, then moaning, saying, yes honey, now give it to me.

We screwed forever, it seemed like, and finally, I told her I was about to cum. She told me, it was okay to come in her, and that she came twice already.

Then a couple strokes later, with one huge push, I cried out, she screamed out as I unloaded, what seemed like a quart of juice. Needless to say, she didn't need those other guys. Funny thing, my Dad was happy, and couldn’t understand why my Mother let him have sex couple times a week.

LOL Richard

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