Mom wanting it

by Alishee (NJ)

Asha was breathing hard as he fucked his boner into his mom’s beautiful naked ebony body.

Keena lay on her back with her legs up over her son’s shoulders, allowing his stiff deep brown length to penetrate her fully again and again.

She had been divorced for a year and it seemed so desirable for the two of them, as mother and son, to be sexually intimate. There was just something so compelling and special for a mother to enjoy that with her own son, just as there was for a boy to be able to take his penis all the way in his own mom.

“Oh, Asha …” she moaned.

Oh, mom …” he breathed back.

“Oh … Oh … it feels so good to have my son fucking me.”

“It’s good to be fucking, you mom,” Asha said.

“You dick is so big and hard.”

“You’re making my dick big and hard.”

She felt her swollen clitoris coming to the point of climaxing and in the next moment she was having an orgasm.

“AHHHHHH!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Keena cried out as her naked body was wracked by sexual spasms.

Oh, God! Asha thought, He was fucking his mom to an orgasm.

He knew several other guys who said that they got to fuck their mom, and he had been envious of them. And now he was getting to do it with his mom. It was so great.

As his mom finished coming he felt his rigid boner getting ready to ejaculate and then it was happening.

“UHHHHHH …. UHHHHHH …” He groaned as his penis pulsed out his semen through the throbbing swollen head, doing so in an over abundance.

“Oh! Ahsa!” his mom said as she felt him doing that in her, and laid there letting his erect penis pump its creamy white liquid into her vagina. Just the thought that he was putting his sperm into her was so fulfilling as it could be for a mother.

When it was over they kissed and held one another and it was so wonderful.

It was three weeks later when her period was late and the pregnancy test showed positive.

Keena at first was dismayed. Her son was the only one she had been fucked by, and she knew that she had not taken any precautions.

So she also knew that she should not be surprised. She wondered if she should tell him that he had fertilized her egg and that she was pregnant, or let him think that someone else was responsible. She hated to burden with having a baby.

Besides, she was good at keeping a secret, just as she had never told her son that it was her brother who had gotten her pregnant with him. That was her problem, of course, that she liked being fucked by family members. There was just something so appealing to that.

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