Mom: Part 1

by Anonymous

If you expect my dick to be sliding into my mom’s juicy tight little pussy in the next sentence, you are in the wrong place. What took place took a long time, but the trip was so fun.

My cousin Tina called me one night asking how I was doing during the separation. My wife and I were in the process of a divorce. She was living in our large nice home while I was renting a small house. Tina knew my predicament and also knew I was staying around the house as my soon to be ex was waiting to hear any story about me so she could tell our young kids and turn them against me.

Tina suggested I find some woman to come over and fuck then leave before anyone knew she was there. As we continued talking, she asked if I would want to go out to eat. She even referred to it as a “date.” Tina and I were twenty-nine. I was devastated that I was getting a divorce and she had already been divorced three times. Tina loved fucking and inevitably would get caught then a quickie divorce. I heard she was a sex addict.

Being alone, knowing how Tina was, I was eager to go on a date, for all the wrong reasons. Over the next few nights we would talk and I dropped little hints like it had been a while since I had sex. She would reply that maybe she could find me a whore while we were on our date. I wanted so bad to say, “you wouldn’t have to look any further than the mirror,” but I didn’t. My hope was she might fool around.

She was very easy and I truly believed we would fuck. The night before our date, I called and talked. At one point I stated, the place I was taking her to doesn’t allow a bra or panties. Tina had implants a few years prior, so her not wearing a bra was normal. She laughed and said that was fine.

I pulled up to the house waiting for Tina to walk out. The wind was blowing and it was miserable cold outside. She walked out wearing a long black coat, cinched up closed around her neck. Even though the heat was on, she didn’t remove her coat.

We went to a fairly romantic restaurant where we were seated. I was directly across from Tina when she took off her coat. She was wearing a dress that was short for the temperature outside and had more cleavage showing than most women had tits. Tina saw my expression and asked if I liked it. All I could do was shake my head yes.

While we were talking and waiting on our food, Leigh Ann walked up and saw us. Leigh Ann is my mom’s neighbor and close friend. She saw Tina and knew I was up to no good. She knew Tina was my cousin as she had seen her at our house many times when I was growing up. As Leigh Ann was leaving, she gave me a look like, ‘what are you doing?’

That night absolutely nothing happened, but I did try. I asked Tina if she had on a bra and panties. In a seductive tone, she giggled and said no. She was fucking torturing me. I made a few comments that Tina didn’t let the discussion go off track. Ultimately, I dropped her off at home. I was pissed and didn’t care to talk to her after torturing me like that.

What I didn’t know were two things Leigh Ann had done and was about to do. Years ago when I was in high school, Leigh Ann and her daughter came over to our house. We had a pool and were hanging out. Mom bought a brand new water volleyball set. I set it up and the four of us played. Leigh Ann and her daughter were wearing one piece swimsuits that showed off nothing.

My mom had on a bikini. Mom and I were on the same team. Since I wasn’t looking over at her, she would pop up or over to hit the ball. Leigh Ann commented several times that mom’s boobs were bouncing and jiggling. It must have been obvious because I wanted to switch teams instantly after the first game. Leigh Ann was on mom’s team and was watching me when mom was bouncing around.

Mom’s husband, Gary, came home. We got out of the pool, but Leigh Ann invited me over for supper as mom and Gary were going out to eat. Leigh Ann let me drink beer. I was fairly drunk after supper. It was just the two of us sitting outside by a little fire talking. Leigh Ann mentioned she saw me watching my mom’s tits.

It was Leigh Ann who first said that my mom has amazing tits and she couldn’t believe they were real as they were so perky. She began describing them in detail and spoke about laying out with my mom and how she would get a tan as she was totally nude. She described her pussy and ass in explicit detail. It was driving me crazy. That is when Leigh Ann asked, “would you have turned your head if your mom’s breast popped out of her bikini today?”

I was drunk and had been listening to Leigh Ann describe every detail of my mom’s body while being a little dirty. I was excited and drunk. I replied, “fuck no! I would take a look!” That was all I said and I was drunk enough I didn’t really remember everything that was discussed in detail. What I didn’t know was that Leigh Ann went over to tell my mom the very next day.

The other thing Leigh Ann did, was tell my mom the next day that she saw me with Tina. Her description of Tina was more like she was a prostitute, which her dress wasn’t that far off. She insinuated that we were there on a date and seemed to be like lovers, how we looked at each other and flirted, which wasn’t really true. I was trying, but it wasn’t like Leigh Ann described.

When my mom found out, she was shocked. That is when Leigh Ann reminded mom how years ago I wanted to see her tits. She even embellished that story and added that I begged Leigh Ann to let me know when my mom was laying out nude just so I could sneak over and spy on her. I mean I would have, but I never said that.

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