Mom Moments

by Crissie (OR)

Lucas was surprised to see his mom standing there in the living room of her condo when he had stopped by that afternoon.

“I wasn’t expecting you,” Lea said with a smile that was only a little modest.

Lucas could see that she obviously hadn’t been.

“I can come back,” he told her.

“No. That’s all right,” she said. “You just caught me naked, that's all.”

“Uh … yeah,” Lucas said. He could plainly see that. Not that his mom appeared particularly upset that he had. If anything, she appeared perfectly carefree about the matter.

His mom was fifty. She was attractive, with short dark hair, and her physique was not fat, but just average for a fifty year old. She had fairly large full breasts and a healthy amount of dark pubic hair.

He smiled a bit modestly over seeing her that way and she smiled back in an unperturbed fashion.

“Did you want to fuck your mom?” she asked.

Lucas’s mouth fell open over the unexpected question. “Mom!” he said.

“Well, some boys like doing it with their moms,” she said quite nonchalantly. In consideration she added, “I’m divorced. Just so long as nobody knows, of course.”

“I … I wouldn’t tell anybody,” Luca assured automatically.

“I would hope not,” Lea said. “But if you want to … it’s an opportune time, since I’m naked.”

“Geez, mom …” Lucas said, not knowing what else to say really.

“I might enjoy it too, you know,” she remarked and gave him something of a teasing smile.

“If you want to …” He said.

Lea led him into the bedroom and laid on the bed and watched as he got undressed. By the time his pants came off, he was having a very healthy erection which she was pleased to see. He joined hr on the bed and the smiled at each other.

“It’s special for a mother to be able to do this with her son,” she told him.

“It’s special for a son to be able to do it with his mom,” he assured.

The kissed and he started to fondle and play with her breasts, massaging their bulky shape, and then he kissed and sucked on each nipple in turn. While he did that, she slipped her hand down to caressed his stiff organ.

When it seemed right, Lucas got on top of her and guided the swollen head of his erection into her vaginal opening. Then, finding her more than sufficiently wet, he slid it all the way in.

“Oh, Lucas … That feels so good,” she breathed as he entered her.

Lucas began to gently go in and out of her.

She drew in a breath. “Oh, honey … it just feels so good to have you fucking me like this.”

“Oh, mom …” he breathed as he gave her his penis.

Lucas felt prideful to be so privileged to have his penis deep in his own mom’s female reproductive organ, feeling its soft wetness intimately caressing his penis.

For the next two minutes they copulated with the pleasure and excitement of their doing that together as mother and son arousing them both with an increasing passion.

“Lucas … you’re going to make me cum,” she said and closed her eyes as she laid there moving her head from side to side. Then she was climaxing beneath him. Doing so with no control as her orgasm pulsed throughout her body. She writhed on the bed, spreading her legs even farther apart to receive her son’s hard penis. “Ohhhhhh … Ohhhhhhhh … Ohhhhhhhhhhhh …” she moaned unashamedly as her son’s maleness brought her to such a pleasurable and thrilling naked release.

It was exciting to see his mother climaxing, to see the look of completely abandonment on her face as she was being sexually satisfied, and to have his stiff erection pushed fully into her while this happened.

“Oh, Lucas … Lucas …” she called out his named.

“Oh, mom …” Lucas gasped as he was suddenly ejaculating, his hard penis pulsing to cede his sperm into her vagina in a flood of semen.

“Oh, honey! Oh, yes!” she cried out as she realized that he was fulfilling himself in her. “Oh, yes! Just do it in me! Do it in me!”

Lucas had never known such gratification as this, getting to ejaculate inside of his own mother. It was so intimate to be nakedly giving her his reproductive liquid without constraint. His hard penis pulsed again and again to do just that. He knew that his mom had been fixed, and even without fertilizing her egg, it was such an incredible thing for him to be doing.

“Uh … mom …” he grunted. “Uh … Uh …”

As their combined urges concluded they lay there in each other’s arms, his organ still in hers to ensure the desired closeness.

Finally, as his penis softened, Lucas climbed off and they laid there together on the bed delighting in their shared nakedness.

She looked amused. “I can imagine what your father would say if he ever found out that we did this together.”

Lucas rolled his eyes and looked modest. “I can imagine, too.”

“But mothers and sons do things like this together. It’s so special,” she said.

“It is, mom,” Lucas agreed.

Lea gave her son a demure look.” Maybe we can do it one more time?”

“I’d like that,” Lucas told her, and he kissed her on the lips and she kissed him back.

They actually did it three more times that afternoon, and each time was so wonderful.

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