Mom Loving Anal

by Tracey (NY)

Paula moaned as she felt her son’s stiff penis pushing into her butt hole.

“Oh, Steven …” she breathed, the intimacy of accommodating her son like this practically taking her breath away.

She had always been one of those average proper moms. And then she was divorced and she and her son had started enjoying the fun of having sex together. And of course no one knew. No one would have dreamed that they were doing this together.

What was more, and even unknown to her son, was that she found anal sex exciting. Of course her husband would have never gone for that sort of thing. She had discovered that secret pleasure after the divorce while using her dildo, slipping it down nice and wet from her vagina and inserting it fully into her butt. And how that had excited her! Very quickly when she would take care of her needs this had come to include enjoying anal stimulation as well.

Feeling quite uninhibited and risqué she and her son had had sex several times together and very enjoyably so. They were both eager to enjoy this with one another. That morning she had surprised him and asked, “Why don’t you do it in my butt?”

“Your butt?” Steven said, not sure how serious his mom was being.

“Uh-huh. It’ll be fun. It’ll feel good.”

Paula got on her hands and knees and her son got in his knees behind her. He had slicked his erection with the lubrication that his mom had provided. Taking a hold of his stiff boner, he guided the swollen head up to his mom’s tight anal pucker. Slowly he pushed in. He could hardly believe that he was sticking his dick into his mom’s butt.

“Oooo … Ooooo … yes,” she moaned, for the first time savoring the satisfaction of having an actually penis violating her private hole.

Steven pushed his penis smoothly all the way into her anal sheath.

“Oh, Steven …” She gasped, feeling her butt hole stretching around his firm male shape, with its length filling her accommodating anal sheath. She had quietly given herself an enema that morning in preparation for this, to make sure that there would be no awkwardness or unnecessary mess.

Hygienically she supposed that her son probably should be using a condom, but she really wanted to feel him going all the way nakedly in her butt, and figured that just so long as he washed thoroughly afterward it would be ok. Having his penis in her butt was so unbelievably thrilling!

Steven looked down at his mom’s rounded hips and buttocks and saw his penis pushed into her butt hole. He pulled back and went in again and began to fuck her.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh … Steven this feel so good having you in my butt!”

“It does feel good, mom,” Steven told her, liking how exciting this felt.

For the next two minutes Steven exercised his erection back and forth through his mom’s tight butt hole, his hands holding the curve of her hips. He had never tried anal sex before with a girl, or with another boy. Not that he was gay, but he knew that lots of guys who weren’t gay did fuck together for fun, it was just that he had never done that.

As her butt hole was being smoothly fucked, Paula reached her hand down and began to masturbate her erect clitoris. It took only mere moments to bring herself to an intense orgasm.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” she moaned with the deeply satisfying climax she was having.

Steven smiled over his mom cumming. It was fun and exciting to see his own mom having an orgasm.

He felt his boner reaching its limits and suddenly he was ejaculating. His semen squirted out in repeated thick pulses, filling his mom’s anal sheath with his liquid.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” he grunted as his penis throbbed.

Then he drew in a deep breath and his shoulders slumped and he sighed.

“Oh, geez, mom …”

“Oh, honey … that felt so good,” she said.

Steve pulled his no longer stiff penis from his mom’s butt hole.

They sat there on the floor and looked at each other.

“Oh, honey … that’s just so personal having you in my butt.”

Steven smiled a bit modestly.

No one of course knew that he and his mom were having sex, and he was sure that no one would ever think that his mom liked having her butt fucked. That really was personal and intimate and he loved it as much as she did.

A look of surprise appeared on her face. “Oh! I have to go to the toilet!”

She leaped up and dash off to the bathroom where she felt the enema-like effects that her son’s semen was having. She quickly pooped this out, smiling happily to herself as she did. It was so exciting to think that she had just managed to have anal sex with her own son!

When she walked back into the living room she saw that Steven was having a very large erection.

“Want to do it again, mom?” she said with a grin.

“That would be wonderful,” she told him.

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